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The Ingenious Way To Help You Detect Your Cat’s Health Issues Early

Discover more about The Ingenious Way To Help You Detect Your Cat’s Health Issues Early.

No loving pet parent in the world would ever want to see their beloved companion suffer. While none of our four-legged friends can actually talk to us, cat parents have an added challenge when their kitties are feeling under the weather. Since felines are notorious for hiding their pain and discomfort, oftentimes, their humans don’t know that something’s amiss until symptoms surface – and by then, it can be too late.

But what if there was an easy way to keep tabs on your kitty’s health by analyzing something she does naturally every day? No needles, injections, or tests are required – just a special kind of kitty litter.

Image Source: Screen Shot via PrettyLitter™


PrettyLitter™ reacts to your cat’s urine and changes different colors, depending on what it contains. While normal urine appears yellow, abnormal acidity turns green, abnormal alkalinity comes out blue, bilirubin is orange, and the presence of blood appears red. This means that the colored spots in your cat’s litter box may help you detect the beginning of bladder stones or cancer, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, metabolic issues, poison ingestion, and much more.

Watch a video on PrettyLitter™:

(This video was made when company founders were seeking backers for their project, but now it’s a full-blown business.)

Derin, Head of Digital for the company, tells iHeartCats that over 300,000 bags of PrettyLitter™ have been sold since its inception. In addition to helping the health of their consumer’s cats, the brand is working on developing a “one for one” program where they donate a bag of litter to a lower income family for every bag sold.

Image Source: Screen Shot via PrettyLitter™


“Overall, we aim to be more than just a cat litter brand. Our aspiration is to be advocates for cats, especially shelter cats of all ages and breeds,” Derin explained.

One consumer wrote on the brand’s website, “Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough.”

PrettyLitter™ is a low dust, odor controlling product that’s lightweight, affordable, and delivered to your door. But the best part is, it’s an easy way to keep a closer eye on your cat’s health every single day. Check out for more information.

Would you consider switching your cat over to PrettyLitter™?

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