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Mail Carrier Delivers Kindness And Rescue To Stray Cat In Need

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

For one kind-hearted mail carrier, this U.S. Post Office creed reaches beyond delivering packages to include rescuing cats in need. Ask Jackson the cat. His tale of rescue comes thanks to a postal worker who worried the orange cutie might be cold and hungry on the winter streets.

In the Jackson Circle area of Cambridge, a major suburb of Boston, MA, the anonymous postal worker spotted Jackson and began taking a minute away from the holiday rush to offer him food every day. When temperatures dipped, the mail carrier built the streetwise cat his very own cardboard box shelter.

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But soon, winter truly set upon the city. The postal worker worried for their new feline friend and contacted the Animal Rescue League of Boston, delivering Jackson a chance for a quiet life away from the city wilds.

From the Streets to Home Forever

When Jackson arrived at the Rescue League’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, the friendly cat received a thorough lookover by a veterinary team. The exam revealed Jackson to be about 8 years old and suffering from extensive dental disease, “to the point where all but one of Jackson’s canines were cracked down to the root,” according to the ARL.

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To fix the issues, Jackson underwent a deep teeth cleaning and had 10 teeth removed. It also seemed he’d been a scrapper in his street life. He was covered in cuts and scrapes and tested positive for FIV. Though he may have battled other cats, Jackson enjoyed the company of the kind humans around him. With their support, he recovered quickly from the dental procedure.

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And now, the former stray has received the most special of deliveries, a home for the holidays! At home with his new family, Jackson has earned the name Teddy. Probably because he’s a sweet snuggly bear of a cat!

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Without the kindness of the anonymous postal worker, this good cat might have missed his forever home chances. Not only does Jackson give his thanks, but also, “ARL is grateful to this anonymous mail carrier and their incredible act of compassion and kindness to not only look after Jackson but to make sure he didn’t have to spend another winter on the tough streets of Boston.”

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Kitten Rescued From Garden Thriving With Mom Cat Who Took Him Under Her Paw

Cobain was just a wee ginger sprout of only 4 or 5 days old when found all alone in a garden. His mom was nowhere to be found and the tiny kitten would soon wither away without help. Thankfully, the purrfect rescuer plucked him from distress.

Tara, founder of The Mad Catters in Perth, Australia, scoured the area where she found the crying kitten, hunting for the rest of his family. Her search revealed the baby was truly alone. But taken into Tara’s foster care, Cobain would never be on his own again.

To have been found alone and so young, Cobain was in good shape. Tara reported he was a hungry kitten, “immediately suckling his formula down like a pro!”

Impound Feline Rescue/Facebook

Catmum Perth/Facebook

And the chowing didn’t stop! In just one day with Tara, Cobain put on 15 grams! But he was never quite satisfied, always staying as close to his foster mom as possible. While so much kitten attention is great, Tara knew her furry friend needed something more.

“Everything is going so well except for one thing… this baby is lonely!”

Catmum Perth/Facebook

Young Kittens Need Furry Family

While most people consider cats to be anti-social creatures, felines are actually quite social and depend on their families in learning ‘how to cat’.

“Kittens need other kittens and their mum for behavioural and social development, and this little guy knows something isn’t quite right.”

To help Cobain find the connection he needed, Tara continued searching for his family. She also put out the word to other fosters and rescues about her little singleton “so that he can have the comfort and perfect nutrition a mother cat offers and the company and friendship that other kittens will bring him.”

It didn’t take long for the small sprout to be transplanted into a furry family of gray and white!

Impound Feline Rescue/Facebook

Finding A Family

Impound Feline Rescue reached out to Tara, sharing the tale of Cinque, a new mama cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens a couple days prior. Since Cobain was only a few days older than Cinque’s litter, “the hope was that Cinque might accept this lil ginger as an extra mouth to feed.”

Impound Feline Rescue/Facebook

Impound Feline Rescue told Love Meow, “To everyone’s delight, little Cobain was quickly accepted into the grey and white gang, and so the litter of five became a litter of six.”

Tara also shared, “Cinque is such a doting mama cat and took to him right away. He will now have siblings and a mother to learn important behavioral and social skills from, as well as the best possible nutrition for growing kittens.”

From a single kitten bloom alone in a garden to part of a whole feline bouquet, Cobain will grow up surrounded by family so when the time comes to go forever home, he will be a well-adjusted kitty with so much love to give!

Catmum Perth/Facebook

Feature Image: Catmum Perth/Facebook

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Old Boy Peanut Looks Different, But He Still Gets Up To The Usual Cat Mayhem

Just look at Peanut!

He’s a handsome tabby cat with a different look about him. With his pinched ears and oblong eyes, Peanut wears an expression of constant astonishment. When asked how her tabby boy came to exhibit such an appearance, Peanut’s mom, Sydney Benham, told, “When I adopted him, the shelter said that it was a birth deformity.”

But have no worries for this unique cat because “the vet and the shelter said it doesn’t affect him negatively at all, he just looks funny!”

And while he may not look like other cats, his Instagram and TikTok reveal him to be “an old man capturing the hearts of everyone around him.”


Love at First Unusual Sight

When Sydney was looking to adopt a second cat, she headed to a shelter in Michigan and, as soon as she saw Peanut, she knew they were meant to be together.

“I fell in love immediately and knew I needed to take him home,” shared Sydney.

Peanut landed in the shelter with eight other cats after the death of their owner. His eight housemates had already gone on to their forever homes, and Sydney explained Peanut “was the last one that needed to be adopted and I just couldn’t leave him.”


Though Peanut is partially blind and deaf, the eight-year-old tabby is still a healthy boy who loves ruling his forever home. Just like other kitties, Sydney reports Peanut loves to cause the usual cat mayhem.

He demands food as any self-respecting cat might, “he will meow at me in the kitchen until I feed him or just shake his food bowl so he knows there’s food in it.”


And like other kitties, he follows his mom everywhere, “especially the bathroom, he doesn’t like when I’m in there and he’s not.”

When it comes to jumping on the tables, oh, he’s a naughty cat who hops right up, but “he won’t get down by himself. Refuses.”

Yep, sounds like a spoiled cat to us!


But beyond pampered, Peanut proves that cats who look different live just as happily and fully as any other feline. Sydney hopes others see that too.

“Adopting Peanut was one of the best decisions of my life. He actually is the reason I kept living when I did not want to.”

What Does Peanut Look Like?

Followers on social media have offered thoughts on what Peanut resembles and the outcome is comment gold, prompting Sydney to post a TikTok with all the comparisons she’s seen about her boy lately. From a rabbit to a renaissance painting, the suggestions are hilarious! Enjoy some fun with Peanut…


Feature Image: @oldboypeanut/Instagram

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‘Call Me Kat’ Stars Mayim Bialik And A Fictional Cat Café

While an idea known to feline aficionados for decades now, cat cafes have gained mainstream notoriety in the past few years. And now, Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” is bringing them to high fashion with a new series titled “Call Me Kat.” Based on the British hit, “Miranda,” the series follows the hijinks of a cat lover (Bialik) who realizes her dream of starting a cat café after leaving her unfulfilling job as a math professor.

Recently premiered on FOX, “Call Me Kat” is set in Louisville, KY, and not only features comedy and quips, but cats too! Ask any cat lover and they might say catching a glimpse of the multiple felines as well as all the amazing cat beds and furniture on the show is their favorite part.

While Kat’s cat café may be a fictional setting, you really can find kitties waiting to play at Purrfect Day Café in Louisville. But what exactly can you expect when visiting a cat café?


Visiting a Cat Café

Taipei, Taiwan, gave the world its first cat café in 1998 and Japan followed suit in 2004. The idea drew in not only tourists but those who lived in apartments where felines weren’t allowed. At cat cafés, they could get all the kitty snuggles one needs. And vice versa, as many cat cafés serve as a pathway to adoption for cats in need of homes.

With these cafés sweeping the globe, chances are good you’ve got one close to home. If so, go help the kitties by buying a drink and offering some pats. Maybe you’ll find your newest family member there, just waiting for you to bring her home.


Here’s what to expect when you visit the cats:  

  • First thing to know, the cats in these establishments are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and have personalities suited for a place with a high volume of visitors. Many of them come to the cafés from shelters and rescues, looking for their forever homes.
  • Before you go, check if the café you’re visiting requires a reservation. They tend to fill up fast because cats are awesome! Wouldn’t it be a bummer to go play and you can’t get in?
  • Expect to pay an admission fee. These entrance fees help the lights stay on and keep the cats fed and healthy.
  • Come hungry and ready for a cup of coffee! Cafés often partner with bakeries and coffee shops so you’ll find some tasty snacks to munch while you enjoy the feline antics.
  • You’ve paid your fee, bought your coffee, now, get ready to enter the domain of the cat! Once in the lounge, you’ll meet the main attractions. But be sure to be kind. Let sleeping cats be, don’t mess with a cat who’s clearly not interested, don’t share your food, and treat them like the precious jewels they are!

Whether you’re just visiting or there looking to adopt, you’ll leave the cat café happy and covered in cat hair. Is there anything better?


You can catch “Call Me Kat” on FOX on Thursday nights or via streaming. And to catch the cat café nearest you, check with your favorite shelters and rescues for recommendations on the best around.


Feature Image: @catcafelounge/Instagram

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