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Roll-Over Rover, Cats Might Be Man’s New Best Friend

Listen up cat people…

Cat ladies aren’t the only one who understand and appreciate the deep connection between humans and cats. According to a recent study, single men in Britain love their cats and happily own the title “Cat-chelor”.

In a study commissioned by and conducted by One Poll, 1,000 single men living in the United Kingdom were asked about cats. The study’s findings were surprising and also dooming for dogs and their hold on the title of Man’s Best Friend.

Are Cats Man’s New Best Friend?

Of the one thousand men polled, a third of those living with cats report getting their kitty friend was the best decision they’ve ever made.

CEO of, Johnny Gould said, “The news comes as a blow for man’s best friend, with a quarter of single men going as far as to say cats are on their way to usurping dogs from their throne.


“Our feline friends can often come up against a bit of stick for being independent and aloof, so it’s great to shine a compassionate light on how the nation’s cats are taking care of us.

“Cats can offer great emotional support, so it’s only fair that we take care of them in return.”


On cats and feelings, the study reveals cats as purrfect support for the single male:

  • 1 in 4 believe having a cat has removed some of the pressure of being single as felines are great friends
  • 29% feel their cat helps them to be calmer individuals
  • 1 in 10 single men have received “counsel” from their cat after a break-up

How cats affect the dating scene in the opinion of “Cat-chelors”:

  • 1 in 4 feel their cat makes them seem more loving to others
  • 1 in 6 credit their cat with scoring them more dates
  • 1 in 5 has bailed on a date after learning the person does not like cats
  • 1 in 5 single men believe their romantic lives would be positively impacted by having a cat

Men Love their Kitty Buds

London journalist and “Cat-chelor”, Basil Kronfli, said, “We’ve always been told that dogs are man’s best friend.

“But I reckon cats make way better companions for single professionals, especially if you have to travel with work like I do.

“Jasper and Max do their business outside, don’t need daily walks, and we operate on a need-to-stroke basis, when they need strokes or scratches, I drop everything and deliver.


“The rest of the time, they’re busy catting like pros and I can crack on with work or play – purrrfection.”

While cats often prove more low-maintenance than dogs, it doesn’t mean single men are giving their cats any less care. In fact, 9 out of 10 single men rate the quality of their kitty cats’ lives as high. Seventy-six percent of the “cat-chelors” take their cats to annual checkups. Single men with cats make sure their buds are living good even if a third of them don’t care for changing the litter pan.


Gould also said of felines, “For millennia, cats have been revered as everything from divine beings and supernatural sprites to internet sensations.

“As well as reigning the internet, our study has uncovered yet another string to our feline’s bow – emotional and friendly support for the single men of Britain.”

H/T: The Sun
Featured Photo: @bajuwijono/Instagram

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Breaking Mews: History’s Finest Artworks Inspired By Fat Cat

Oh, how cats inspire us.

From print to paint, cats have been muses for humans since the dawn of their cohabitation.

Zarathustra the Cat is no exception, inspiring his mom to uncover the original versions of some well-known artwork. From some of humans’ first expressions of art to the pop phenomena of our time, Svetlana shows the world the beauty of art when a cat provides the creative revelation.


Zarathustra and Svetlana met in 2008 after the death of Svetlana’s mother. The ginger cat helped her through the depression that found her afterwards, showing Svetlana his artistic spirit and renewing hers in the process.

Here, the pair reenacts Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring as redone with a ginger tabby…


In 2011, the pair debuted the Fat Cat Art project because Zarathustra told his mother, “Paint me like these French girls…”

On Bored Panda, Svetlana wrote, “So I do.”

And we are so happy she does…

Any Masterpiece is Better with a Cat

When asked about this Starry Night original version, the pair wrote VanGogh’s critics commented, “Vincent, come on, your stars are so fat!”


Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss was really about a man’s love for his tabby cat…


Sing to me of shrimp, Melozzo da Forli…


The Lady and The Unicorn plus a fat kitty cat the Lady so loved. She couldn’t resist showing the uni-kitty and unicorn how handsome they looked within her gilded mirror…


“Thus speaks Zarathustra the Cat”, a cat must feast like a king…


“God tried to create Zarathustra the Cat” and Michelangelo immortalized the magical moment for all ages…


All way back in 100 B.C., Alexander the Great learned, “Only a good fat battle cat can bring you the victory!”…


36 views of Mount Fuji, no 11 captures the feline horror that came upon a tea house after a snowfall. Catzilla the Fat…


Botticelli knew true beauty in his original version of The Birth of Venus


William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted The Abduction of Psyche and the Fat Cat, but purrhaps it should have been titled “When You Date A Cat Lover”…


Edvard Munch knew the cause behind Zarathustra’s scream, “Shrimpies, where are you-u-u?”…


Vincent van Gogh, once again inspired by the Fat Cat plus Irises, learned tabby cats are disastrous for flowers…


“Mona Lisa’s smile is a mystery no more!” Her secret is finally revealed, she loves fat cats whether they like it or not…


From Ancient Works To Pop Culture, Fat Cats are the Way

Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, even learning the nuances of hunting from the divine Fat Cat. Proof was uncovered in the tomb of Nebamun…


The history they don’t want you to know: “The Bayeux Tapestry, true 23rd scene, 1070 AD⁠
The embroidered caption on the tapestry says: ‘Harold made an oath to Duke William: “I swear I will provide a bigger chair for your cat”’ 😻⁠
But he did not. Thus, the Battle of Hastings followed, and Normans invaded England”…


#FatCatArt creates “The Purrsistence of Cats’ Meowmory” featuring Zarathustra melting.”…


Zarathustra and his brother, David Bowie, are cleaning out the dogs…


In a sweet note of parting, Zarathustra says, “Hark! Let me serenade thee at 3 in the a.m.”…

As Zarathustra’s namesake said, “Happiness comes to them who bring happiness to others.” If this is the case, then Zarathustra must be the happiest cat around.

Feature Image: @FatCatArt/Instagram

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Tabby Cat Demands Attention From Praying Monk

If a cat rules your world, then you’re familiar with the lengths a kitty cat will go to in order to get your attention. Especially when you’re right in the middle of something important. Thailand’s tradition of free-roaming cats means Thai kitties are well-practiced at making themselves at home in the middle of people’s lives.

Buddhist temples see many cats hanging about as devotees believe in respect to all living things, which Thai cats have learned means bowls full of food and friends in saffron robes. One tabby cat at Wat Udomrangsi, a temple on the edge of Bangkok, knew this well as evidenced by his comfy behavior with one of the monks during New Year prayers.

Prayers had been going on for almost five hours and midnight was closing in. Luang Pi Komkrit Taechachoto was one of the monks conducting prayers and was surely feeling the fatigue of the long session, but the tabby cat decided she wanted Komkrit’s attention anyhow.


When it appeared the tabby cat would stay and welcome the New Year with Komkrit, Nophayong Sookphan had to video the moment. Once posted to the Facebook group “Cats’ Slaves”, the video gained instant popularity. From multiple reposts to media attention, the video of a cat being a cat has entertained thousands.

Cats Will Be Cats Even In Reverent Moments

The video opens with the happy cat stamping back and forth across Komfrit’s lap, whipping her tail around. When this doesn’t gain the attention she so desperately seeks, the kitty darling stands on his shoulder.


The 25-year-old monk tries with gentle hands to urge the cat on as she was kneading the flesh on his bare shoulder. Cat lovers know full well a cat in a fit of making biscuits can really sink those needles deep in their happy frenzy. The battle of will continues on, even catching the attention of the senior monk at Komkrit’s side.


But the grey-striped cat makes a perch on Komkrit’s knee with a smile on her kitty lips. Komkrit accepts the kitty is there to stay and pets the demanding feline.

“I was trying to read the book. But I was more focused on the cat,” Komkrit admitted.

Posted by Flash Nophayong Sookphan on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The grey tabby is known around the temple, one of about a dozen that hangs out there regularly. Of the cats at Wat Udomrangsi, Komkrit said, “They’re all fat.”

In cat speak, fat means loved…


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Pregnant Cat Adopts Woman & Makes Herself At Home

Sometimes cats choose us as their humans before we’re even sure what’s happening. One day we meet a cat, give the sweet kitty some snuggles, and the next we’re head over heels in love with jellybean toes and tickling whiskers. This exact situation happened with a woman and the cat who claimed her.

But, when Boots the cat claimed Rachel, little did she know, there was about to be a whole litter of love coming her way.

Meant to Be with a Mom to Be

The early days of November brought a ginger cat to the porch of Rachel’s home. When she opened to door to say hello, the friendly cat padded right into the house. A quick peek at the surroundings and the folks inside and Boots knew she’d found her home.


Lovey kitty Boots didn’t come alone into her new home though.

With Boots’ tummy stripes stretched across her round tummy, there was no missing she was heavy with kittens. But love blossomed in an instant and Rachel knew the ginger cat was family, including her tiny kittens that would soon come along.


On Imgur, Rachel wrote, “This little lady showed up a few weeks ago on my doorstep, hungry and pregnant. Of course I fed her, and with that she adopted me.”


Seeing how fast the pregnant cat made herself at home, Rachel gave her a big bowl of kitty chow. “She was eating more food than I thought possible — it was quite impressive…. She now ran this house and completely overtook all of my usual sensibilities.”

Rachel was most certainly smitten with the orange and white tabby cat.

How Many Kittens?

Boots and Rachel made a trip to the vet, which, as cat lovers know, can be a dicey endeavor. When it comes to taking a cat to the vet for the first time, one never knows what to expect, hissing fury or dignified acceptance. But Boots’ sweet demeanor never faltered and from weigh-in to exam, she was, put simply, a good cat.

“This little loving ball of fluff laid on the scale at the vet, purring. I’ve never met a sweeter, gentler cat,” said Rachel.


The vet said Rachel could anticipate 4 or 5 kittens, but Mother Nature loves to surprise her children.

Late in November, Rachel woke to the sound of newborn kittens and their tiny ‘mews’.

Yet, there weren’t five babies, there were seven!

Rachel reported, “We woke up to SEVEN baby beans in a cute kitten pile! I was shocked.”


“We got 6 orange tabbies that look like mama and one solid white.”


With 7 kittens, Rachel was put in mind of Snow White and the feline family became known as “Boots and her seven Dwarves”. Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, and Sneezy were all orange and white kittens while the sole completely white kitten became known as Doc.


Of the kitty family, Rachel gushed, “Boots is a good mommy to her little beans. The babies fight for nipples and the white one is super pushy and will knock the other babies off the one he wants.”



A Lot of Work, But So Much Love Makes the Labor Easy

Rachel knew taking in a pregnant cat would be tough, Boots and the kittens would mean rearranging life as she knew it. But Boots was family and caring for family can be difficult sometimes. Though when family comes in the shape of adorable kittens and their darling mother, care-taking is a joy.


“Boots adopted me and I just went with it. Seven babies is a tad overwhelming but It’s an incredibly special experience.”

Boots knew Rachel was up for the challenge when she chose her because cats are brilliant!


“It was a beautiful and special experience. It was unexpected, a lot of work, and I’m so grateful to have experienced it and saved these eight little lives.”

When caring hearts meet paws in need, they just can’t help doing the right thing!

Feature Image: @EnigmaWearingHeels/Imgur

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Your Purchases Fed An Entire Colony of Cats & Kittens

Your purchases helped feed a whole colony of hungry kitty bellies.

Without your generosity, more than 50 cats in Northville, Michigan, wouldn’t know the comfort of a full tummy.

Thanks to a partnership between and, part of every purchase made goes to shelters striving to give every cat a home. Within the GreaterGood Family, The Rescue Bank is a pet food distribution initiative feeding shelter animals since 2011. Their mission is to help smaller groups with limited resources by “increasing their visibility and providing greater access to supplies.”

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

The Rescue Bank

  • Over 80 million meals fed to shelter animals
  • More than 2,700 shipments to shelters nationwide
  • Donor partners include over 50 national brands
  • Provides food, litter, medicine, crates, toys, and more…

Let’s help The Rescue Bank keep feeding animals by simply buying adorable merchandise.

When you do, shelters like Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan can continue helping cats just like the “horde colony” of Northville.

When Life Overtakes Good Intentions

A couple in Northville, MI, began feeding the four cats hanging around their property. Hard times hit the small family but they continued to feed the cats. In five years, the unfixed four became an overwhelming colony of 50. The couple contacted Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan for help.

“When we were called to help, there were kittens under engines, behind rocks and bushes, popping out of boxes, and we rounded up 24 kittens and TNR’d (Trap-Neuter-Return) 12 more after the homeowners had already taken two groups to Michigan Humane Society.”

Saving Cats and Kittens/Facebook

Working in waves to trap the cats, the eventual goal was to medicate, vaccinate, and neuter the felines from large to small. While the more feral adults were returned to the colony site, they weren’t forgotten. The couple and volunteers with the cat and kitten rescue group continued to feed the “safe, managed colony” of feral cats thanks to donations from Rescue Bank.

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan/Facebook

But, there were kittens in need of homes. “Lilley, Roberta, Bobby, Rose, Balboa, Remington, Minnie, Mickey, Petunia, Ernie, Emma, Mari, Rocky, Inca, Lyle, Bizzy, Dora, Elsa and 17 more young cats were all rescued from this one property in Northville.”

Kittens Are Costly

With so many young kitty cats to care for, the process of finding homes for them took awhile. The kittens were “vetted and extensive parasite issues were resolved over six months of foster care before they were adopted into good homes.” The vet bills were costly, including Bizzy’s extensive care as he was blocked with bladder crystals. And with so many growing kittens, food was always in demand.

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

“We were able to get through this because’s Rescue Bank was there to help us feed the group.”

Saving Cats and Kittens/Facebook

“Rescue Bank helps us continue to rescue and feed stray cats in need by providing nutritious food at low cost so we can afford to vet the rescued cats properly.”

Shelters and rescue groups, like Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan, strive to give cats and kittens forever homes. You help with every purchase made and the cats and kittens looking for furever homes thank you too.

Feature Image: Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

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