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Two Kittens Found Cold And Wet Now Snuggly Warm With Feline Buddy

Carl and Lenny are the cutest little fuzzballs. They’re both playful and curious like kittens should be, but the pair almost didn’t get their chance to explore the world.

At ten days old, Carl and Lenny were found with their 2 siblings, but the litter of four without their mom. Though the day was an unseasonably warm one in Austin, TX, a terrible winter storm had recently swept through the state. The aftermath left the kittens not only alone but “drenched and freezing,” according to Megyn, the Kitten Konnoisseur.

Megyn took the kittens into foster care after their rescue by the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. It was good the shelter took care of the litter when they did, Megyn sharing, “As soon as I started weighing them, I noticed a trend. Each had dried blood on their heads. One had rear paralysis. One already had breathing issues. All were emaciated and weak.”


As LoveMeow reported, the kittens were so close to the edge, a thermometer couldn’t even detect their body temps. It was a dire situation, and sadly, the paralyzed girl kitten succumbed shortly after the rescue. Not long after, the other girl in the litter suffered severe breathing issues and passed away in Megyn’s hands.

“Within an hour I went from hopeful to heartbroken. But I kept fighting.”

Keep Fighting

And because Megyn keeps fighting, so many cats and kittens have grown strong and healthy, going on to find their forever homes. Though their beginnings were rough, Lenny and Carl were starting to recover from their exposure, putting them on track for adoption one day soon.

But their journey was just getting started.


Too weak to latch onto a nipple, Lenny and Carl had to be tube-fed, but after a couple of days, Carl soon took to a bottle. His growth spurt came quickly, and Lenny, while a tiny loudmouth, stayed smaller than his brother. But just because Lenny was teensy, didn’t mean he didn’t love the bottle too. As the days passed, the adorable kittens were soon tussling over the eats! They also soon learned “fingers make great pacifiers.”

Though their teeth are coming like tiny needles, Megyn doesn’t mind, explaining, “Whatever it takes to make them happy!”


Four Weeks and One Pound!

Once the boys made it to a whole pound and a month old, the time had come to learn about real food and Lenny loved it!

“Lenny took one sniff of big kitten food and decided to ditch the bottle for good!”

As the kittens are growing, Megyn told LoveMeow each of the boys has their very own purrsonality.

“Carl was the one who pushed me to fight so hard as he immediately purred the minute he was touched. He’s always had a calm, sweet way about him.”


“Lenny has always been the goofball and is as cuddly as can be. He has a habit of quickly falling asleep mid-play when he’s playing on his back.”


“They are true best friends who are constantly found cuddling one another. Lenny especially likes to have his armed wrapped around his brother during naps.”


New Friend to Help Kittens Cat

Carl and Lenny have a new and older friend who’s teaching them what it means to be a cat. Oliver, a sweet cat staying with Megyn to recover from fractures and neurological injuries, was a little shy at first, but “the kittens immediately loved him.” Loud Lenny and Calm Carl soon had Oliver under their fuzzy sway.

“Oliver wants to be near the kittens all the time to supervise play or snuggle. And in return, they absolutely adore him and seek him out. I’m grateful he’s found company in these two goofy boys.”

In a short time, the feline trio had become a regular “BRO SQUAD.”


Together, the three are getting strong, healthy, and ready to go forever home!

Feature Image: @kittenkonnoisseur/Instagram

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Cat Parents Craft Mini Laptop To Keep Kitty Off Their Keyboard

When you’ve got cats, you get used to them wanting to be part of pretty much everything you do. But to accommodate feline needs, cat parents have to get creative. After all, it’s not easy to get things done with a cat in your lap or acting as a shadow. And if they’re in a singing mood, the melody of meow certainly doesn’t help you concentrate on whatever task is at hand.

There’s one particular thing most cats seem to enjoy, as evidenced by a 2020 TikTok trend, and that’s laying on the laptop while you’re trying to work. With 2020 closures and lockdowns, a good majority of the world started working and schooling from home, and the cats loved it! The laptops now belonged to them, as well as the lion’s share of our attention.

TikTok user @bestcoastbaby offered a reason behind the laptop stealing, “So, I read on the internet that cats get on your laptop because they’re mirroring you, and so if you get them their own laptop, they’ll leave you alone.”

She then shows us a shot of her little businessman on his own computer!


But do cats really sit on laptops to mirror their humans?

Mirroring Behavior or Seeking Attention

The science behind this thought hasn’t been definitively proven. However, according to Dr. Kristyn Vitale, an animal behavior and cognition expert with the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab, cats do have the brainpower for mimicking us. Still, there are probably a few different reasons cats choose to sit on our computers.

“Some cats may sit on the laptop to be closer to their owner, while other cats may sit on the laptop because it is warm or for some other reason. Every cat is an individual, so we cannot assume that all cats engage in this behavior for the same reason.”

So, while we may never know the real reason cats choose our laptops as lounging spots, cat lovers are still shooing kitties off keyboards. Just like Mishi the cat‘s parents.


Mishi’s Mini Laptop

Mishi loves a good laptop, constantly sprawling out over her parent’s keyboard. But with dad, Joshe, trying to do schoolwork, the silly gray cat needed to find another place to perch. Mishi’s humans decided to follow social media’s advice and give their sweet cat her own laptop. But they went about it in a mini-way.


They made Mishi her very own mini Macbook where she could handle all her cat business. It turns out she was quite the fan. Video reveals the cute cat with her laptop and her dad with his. Another win for solving cat conundrums with creativity!


Así con las clases online con Joshe. #cat #macbook #catsoftiktok #mishi #chile #talca #bussinessman #class #school #zoom #cute #viral #fyp #gato #fy

♬ original sound – That bitch

Feature Image: @mishidetalca/TikTok

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Making It Up to Them

Rescue might contain a lot of Making It Up to Them. This can be obvious and immediate, as it was for Reverend Jim’s rescue. Or, it might be something that doesn’t surface for literally years, like Mithrandir’s rehoming. Our willingness, and ability, to do so is an important Cat Appreciator skill. Because of the cat’s lifespan. making it up Cat …

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The Easy Cat

The Easy Cat is going to be different for each person. They are not made or born. They happen in an entirety. The cat, the person, and the circumstances can change. Then the “difficulty level” can move. the easy cat Lou Costello is our current Easy Cat. He loves everyone. Our new Management Cat looks after the vital elements of …

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Mother Cat And Kittens Found Unconscious Inside Sealed Container

While driving late at night, a person spotted a Tupperware bin on the side of the road; its lid sealed closed. Stopping to investigate, the unknown savior discovered a horrible sight inside the bin. A mother cat and four young kittens trapped inside and unconscious. With the container lid snapped in place, the cats were without air and overheated.

The rescuer resuscitated the little family, and through a series of frantic phone calls, the cat and her kittens were delivered to the care of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. Staff rushed the felines to Pieper Veterinary Emergency in Middletown, CT, where they were placed in critical care.

Examination revealed the mom had gone blind due to lack of oxygen. All of the week-old kittens had puncture wounds in their necks, Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Director Laura Burban reporting, “The mom was desperately trying to get the babies out of the container and probably trying to grab them frantically and claw her way out. So it looked as though maybe she had grabbed them fiercely trying to help save their lives.”

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

Their mother fought for them until her suffocating body could take no more. And despite her best efforts and those of the vet staff, one of the kittens passed away, the cruel ordeal of being locked away to die too much for its tiny body.

Kindness Overcomes Cruelty and Ignorance

Though one of the kittens was lost, the others pulled through, and their mother regained her vision. On Facebook, the shelter shared the rock-solid names chosen for the feline family. Mom earned the name Stevie Nicks, and her three boys were dubbed Van Halen, Aerosmith. and Metallica.

“These rock stars have been through quite the ordeal and survived!”

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

Foster mom Karyn Putney has furthered their recovery, keeping watch over the family. She’s tracking kitten growth and helping Stevie with anything she needs. Everyone is certainly in better condition, but kitten Aerosmith has required supplements to help him along.

Karyn shared, “They are all doing awesome. I’m really optimistic that we’re definitely on the right path with them, and they’re really improving.”

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

Ask For Help

Whether Stevie and her kittens were locked in the container out of cruelty or because someone didn’t know what to do doesn’t change the outcome. A family of cats suffered a terrifying ordeal, and a kitten was lost. The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter encourages those faced with an animal situation out of their control to contact local animal shelters and rescues for help in finding a safe place to surrender the animal.

“Even if we can’t take the animals in because we’re full, we’re happy to at least help them with what to do,” Laura explained.

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

A police report has not been filed as the location where Stevie and her kittens were found remains unknown. Because of Stevie’s rather unique markings, authorities and rescue staff hope someone recognizes her and comes forward.

Whether info comes or not, Stevie and her kittens now have a future ahead of them thanks to kind hearts dedicated to the rescue of cats.

Feature Image: Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

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“Pint-Sized Cutie” With Special Needs Hops Towards A Forever Home

If you’re reading this, then you’ve been captured by Huxley the kitten’s adorable face and inquisitive eyes. And how could you not? Those beautiful peepers are almost as big as her!

The little torbie kitten with a stubbed tail has been described as a “spicy little spitfire” by Shannon Basner, head of Alaska’s KAAATs. It’s easy to see as Huxley’s purrsonality shines through in pictures. Just look at the delightful mischief in those bright eyes!


All her spunk and sass has served Huxley well, helping the tortoiseshell-tabby shoulder through the issues at work in her little body. As a young kitten, Huxley was taken into Anchorage Animal Control (AACC) along with a large group of cats. Little else is known of her history, but what cat rescuers did know, Huxley was a sick kitten and needed lots of care.

After a few months of Huxley’s health waning and waxing, the AACC discovered she was having urinary troubles and unable to go without help. To get the best care for the tiny torbie, Shannon told LoveMeow, “They reached out to us to see if we could bring her into our Mojo’s Hope program as our mission is to assist animals with special needs.”


Of course, Shannon welcomed the feline baby with open arms. And when Huxley headed over from the shelter to her new foster mom, the AACC “sent her off with all of her goodies, a cat tree, scratchers and her favorite toy.”

Huxley settled into her new routine with Shannon quickly, learning the new scents, enjoying the good food, and stinking up the litter pan happily!


One Tough Kitten

Due to her small size, Huxley was believed to be about 4-months-old when she came to Shannon’s care. But the kitten was displaying behaviors marking her as older. An infection that developed also furthered the confusion about her age, and after consulting with the vet, Shannon learned baby Huxley was indeed around six months old.

Between antibiotics and a spay surgery, Huxley is fighting hard to kick the infection while Shannon and the vet are learning more about the kitten’s issues.


As Shannon told Love Meow, “The vet also took some X-Rays so we could take a look at her spine to see what may be causing her incontinence which is most likely something called Manx Syndrome.”

Manx Syndrome occurs when the gene that brings about the nub tail of the Manx can cause cats to be born with a shortened spine. Such an issue has the possibility to affect cats with a host of problems, including the incontinence issues plaguing stub-tailed Huxley.


Huxley needs help taking care of urinary business several times a day. Shannon assists her in staying nice and clean so she feels good while she plays. And Huxley loves to play!

“For a pint-sized cutie, she is larger than life itself. Her charm emanates when she plays with the crunchy ball, the laser light or her most favorite, the squishy ball.”


As she’s terrorizing the toys, Huxley’s shortened spine also causes her to hop around on her back legs, but nothing slows this adorable torbie cat down! Though small for her age, this playful kitten has the heart of a lion. And despite her rough beginnings, she has so much love to give.

On the Road to a Forever Home

Shannon is “hopeful” when it comes to Huxley finding her family, feeling “she will be able to choose a loving, forever home – a home that will be willing to bring her into their hearts, understand her unique special needs and provide her with the lifetime care she needs to stay happy and healthy.”

Follow Alaska’s KAAATs on Instagram and Facebook to watch Huxley’s journey to a forever home.

Feature Image: @alaskaskaaats/Instagram

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