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Firefighters Dismantle Porsche To Rescue A Kitten

Discover more about Firefighters Dismantle Porsche To Rescue A Kitten.

When the owner of a 2016 Porsche Cayenne heard meowing from inside his car, he knew it wasn’t the engine “purring like a kitten.”

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue arrived in the mall parking lot and confirmed that there was a kitten stuck in the engine. When they decided that the only way to free the tiny tabby was to dismantle the car, the kind Porsche owner was cooperative.

Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Timothy Heiser told ABC News:

“Firefighter Eric Fillyaw, he’s a mechanical guy–he saw some fur in the motor first and basically said, ‘The only way we can get this cat out is we’re going to have to take the car apart…The [car owner] was great. He said, ‘Just go ahead and do it.’”

So Fillyaw went to work, carefully taking apart the panels around the engine, according to the story.

After about an hour, a 6-week-old tabby emerged, and Fillyaw knew just want to do with her. The father of two took her home and into the gentle arms of his kitty-loving 3-year-old daughter named Ainsley.

The kitten is healthy, happy, and appropriately named Porsche!

Thanks to the kindness and patience of these firefighters and the Fillyaw family, the tiny tabby will never have to search for food, shelter, or love again!

(h/t: ABC News)

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