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Ed Sheeran Posts an Short, Sweet Farewell to His Recently Deceased Kitty

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On August 2nd, 2019, Ed Sheeran was faced with a horrible tragedy. Less than a week after Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog was hit by a car, Ed Sheeran lost his first cat, Graham, in the same horrible way. Sheeran had only known his beloved cat since 2014, so the death of Graham was a shock to both him and everyone else that was close to him.

When Graham was first adopted, Sheeran was so excited and proud of his new kitten. He would often post pictures of Graham and he even made a Twitter account for him.

Graham’s Twitter account has not been active in years, but he would post simple, realistic tweets for pet parents. Some tweets included a simple “meow” while others were just talking about the daily activities of Graham’s life. Every once in a while, Graham would even post a cute “selfie.”

Screenshot: @GrahamShizza/Twitter

Even though Sheeran was often busy with his music and tours, he always made sure Graham was in good hands. Sheeran often had his manager, Stuart Camp, and his manager’s girlfriend, Liberty Shaw, watch over Graham while he was away. The couple fell in love with the cat just as quickly as Sheeran did.

Since Sheeran was busy finishing up his Divide tour, it is likely that he hasn’t had time to properly mourn Graham’s passing. However, he did make an adorable tribute to Graham on Instagram. He simply posted a photo of Graham as a kitten next to his guitar. The caption that goes along with it is just an emoji of a broken heart. It is such a simple tribute, but it is also a very sweet and heartbreaking one.

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Even though Graham is no longer with him, Sheeran and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, are still parents to two other adorable cats, Dorito and Calippo. These two cats are sisters, and they have been with Sheeran and Seaborn since birth. 

It is clear that Dorito and Calippo will miss Graham greatly, but Sheeran will continue to care for his other two cats and enjoy his time with them as much as possible. In fact, he and Seaborn recently made a cute Instagram page for Dorito and Calippo to share their daily activities with the world.

Image: @thewibbles/Instagram

This story between Sheeran and Graham proves that we should never take our furry friends for granted. Graham was a huge part of Sheeran’s life, but one day he was just gone. It is a scary thought, but that is why you should continue to cherish the moments with your dogs and cats while you have the chance. They are such an important part of our lives.

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