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Cuteness Army: 17 Cats In Cardboard Tanks

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Forward, pounce!

Cats have gone armored in their bid for world domination. And with their human minions manufacturing rolling artillery for them, felines will soon hold every heart captive from inside their cardboard tanks.

With coronavirus distancing still in place, people are falling to boredom. But thanks to creativity, some tape, and delivery boxes, cat parents have found the silliest of ways to keep pressing forward. And their cats are loving them for it. Especially since it furthers their mission to take over.

Mittens is one such cat who approves of her cardboard tank. She took right to it, meowing a battle cry as she eyed the horizon ahead!


Her dad, Garry Stevenson, took to Instagram to show off the newly-made cardboard weaponry. “‪We made the cat a tank today. I think she likes it.”

Garry told Bored Panda the idea for the cardboard cat tank came from a Facebook share some time ago. He wanted to build one but lacked the time. Lately, time seems to be something many of us have and it gave Garry an opportunity to get crafty with cardboard. His 3 hours of building was worth every minute as Mittens loved her tank.

And Garry isn’t the only cat parent constructing cardboard tanks for the feline overlords. A quick search of #cattank reveals a rather large rank of cats ready to roll forward with their cuteness domination.

Feline Armored Division Rolling Out

Alright troops, you ready to surrender to adorable felines? Scroll on for cats in tanks, but fair warning, you’re about to fall the power of cats…

Ideas & Fun/Facebook

Topsy and Turvy love the tank their mom built. “It shoots out cuteness rays, pew pew!”


Jimmy has his eyes locked on a target…


Mousies beware…


Sgt. Jeff rolls in his deluxe tank thanks to his dad’s industrial glue gun…


The latest model cat tank comes with an upgrade of toilet paper wheels…


A cute kitty eyes the enemy with reinforcements watching from the shadows…

Quick Turtle/Facebook

The War Meowchine has no mercy…

Douglas J. Cook/Facebook

A house panther patrols…


The Feline Armored Division may have more pull than previously realized. They have TWO toilet paper tread tanks…


“Don’t fear, Lieutenant Ling is here” in her very fancy, monogrammed tank…


Peek-a-boo, I’ll get you…with my tank…

Cats Being Awesome/Facebook 

Sarah is excited to do battle in her custom cat tank…


Ollie serves as the general of cats in a cardboard tank powered by a Roomba…


We’re ready to surrender to these cute cats, how about you?

Feature Images: @garrysyas/Instagram

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