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Cops Rescue Kitten Who’s “Playing In Traffic”

Discover more about Cops Rescue Kitten Who’s “Playing In Traffic”.

On the Fourth of July, one tiny ginger kitten found himself in a scary situation before being rescued from a kind driver and some cops!

Officer Austin Kidd of Arlington, Texas was just leaving a call when he noticed a driver trying to get his attention near a vehicle that was parked in traffic. The officer assumed that the car had stalled, but as it turned out, it was stopped so that it wouldn’t run over a kitten!

The terrified baby had run underneath the car as the driver was slowing down to a red light. He came to a complete stop, but the kitten did not emerge. As it turned out, the feline was stuck between the rear wheel and brake rotor.

Kidd’s partner, Officer Rob Phillips, came over to help. They ended up taking the wheel off the car, but rather than run to safety, the kitty laid down in the middle of the road!

“Phillips and I approached the kitten to remove him from the road, but he was very aggressive and tried to bite us,” Kidd said in a story by Dallas News.

So, they called in Animal Control for backup. As the third officer arrived, the stray kitten finally moved – but darted underneath another car at the stoplight! Luckily, they were able to warn the driver before the light turned green, and the kitty was finally caught and brought to safety.

The kitten is projected to be alright, and we’re so glad he now has a chance to find a forever family! We’re so grateful that these kind and compassionate officers never gave up on saving the baby’s life.

(h/t: Dallas News)

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