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Beefy Cat Boy Seeks Overflowing Food Bowl & Forever Home

Discover more about Beefy Cat Boy Seeks Overflowing Food Bowl & Forever Home.

Meet Wilford.

He’s a good-looking cat boy. His whiskers are long, his fur is fluffy, and his belly is impossibly round. Weighing in at 28 lbs. of grey cat, every inch of Wilford is adorable.

And while Wilford is almost too much cuteness in one kitty body, his obesity is not healthy. His foster parents, also known as the custodians for the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, are working hard to get his weight under control. They’re also getting him ready for adoption, but it’s been a tough road for the kitty man.


With the magic of foster care, Wilford is getting back on his paws and should find his forever home soon.

Heart-broken and Unhealthy

Wilford is eight years old. He’s a kitten by no means and he once knew the happiness of a home. But the dream fell through his furry toes and the sweet cat found himself torn from everything familiar. Grieving the life he once knew and morbidly obese, Wilford would need devoted love and care to help him find his way again.

Enter Virginia-based Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and the Playschool for Wayward Kittens in Washington D.C. Jen and Ian, the foster parents and cleanup crew behind the Playschool, knew they were up for the job. Wilford soon moved in with them and the faculty and students, as their cats and fosters are known.


A post on Instagram revealed their newest student to be “insanely sweet, but he’s also confused, stressed out, and overwhelmed by all the changes in his life.”


At the vet, Jen and Ian learned Wilford wasn’t diabetic nor did he suffer from liver problems. They were already aware of the cat’s unhealthy weight and knew he would need to go on a diet soon. But his foster parents would have to get Wilford eating again.

Yes, you read that right. From the stress of all the life charges, Wilford had no interest in food. Sudden lack of appetite can be dangerous for overweight cats, putting them at risk for hepatic lipidosis, known also as fatty liver disease. But Ian and Jen were on the case, providing the chubby cutie with an array of choices and lots of patience.


Wilford also had asthma, an upper respiratory infection, and troubles with regulating his bowels. The big kitty cat also needed regular baths as he was too large to groom himself properly. He had much to work through before weight loss would become a priority.

Slowly, his health began to rise and his appetite started to resurface. Sweet Wilford also started to relax in his foster home, exploring and playing.

Getting Ready for Forever

Though he’s still adapting to a new life, the sweet gray cat is on a good path. “Wilford is on a restricted calorie diet and eating a high quality food. He’s getting exercise on a daily basis, and he’s starting to wheeze less and less every day.”


Jen and Ian reported Wilford has officially lost half a pound but they suspect he’s actually dropped more than that. With his URI healing and his vitality returning, the beefy boy is ready to find his forever home in the Washington D.C. area. He should have no shortage of folks lining up to take him home forever!

“He is an incredibly sweet guy with an amazing personality,” Jen told The Dodo. “We really think he’ll thrive and shed those pounds in the right environment with the right folks.”

Feature Image: @pokeypotpie/Instagram

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