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A Grandma’s Love Revives Cat’s Favorite Stuffed Toy

Discover more about A Grandma’s Love Revives Cat’s Favorite Stuffed Toy.

Just when cat lovers think cats can’t be any cuter, then our feline loves go and do something so utterly adorable, we just want to melt.

And the story of Lucas the cat and his favorite stuffed toy definitely gets the heart melty.

Lucas loves his stuffed leopard. He claimed the toy as his own when he was just a kitten, but now, as a handsome lad of four years old, Lucas still loves his leopard.

His mom, Alana, shared the story of Lucas and his toy with the Dodo, saying, “I got the toy from my local zoo, along with a few other stuffed animals.”

Image Courtesy of The Dodo

“He usually leaves my stuffed animals alone, but he wouldn’t leave this one alone.”

Like us, felines form attachments to things. And while we know our reasons for loving an item, cats can’t exactly tell us why they love something, we just know they do from their sweet, snuggly ways.

Just like Alana knew how much Lucas loved his leopard. “I’d find it in all sorts of weird places all covered in cat spit.”

With time and so much cat spit, the stuffed toy began to show wear. Stuffing had even started springing from holes in the little leopard! But that didn’t matter to Lucas. He loved his friend all the more.

Worn from Love, Grandma to the Rescue

But a Grandma’s love can fix just about anything, including a kitty’s favorite toy.

When Alana’s grandmother moved in with the family last year, she quickly fell for Lucas. And everyone knows when a grandma loves you, she will do anything to be sure your comfy. Sometimes that means pulling out the needle and thread to make some repairs to our old favorites.

Which is just what she did for her grandcat Lucas…

Image Courtesy of The Dodo

“My grandma moved in with us last year, and really loves Lucas. [She] saw that his favorite toy was ripped, so she sewed it back together for him.”

As she plied needle and thread to his toy, Lucas watched the healing touch of a grandmother’s love at work. Concerned for his friend, Alana said, “He watched the whole time.”

Image Courtesy of The Dodo

“He was just super into what she was doing.”

When the job was done, Grandma reunited Lucas with his favorite toy. The result?

“Lucas was very happy!”

And that makes cat lovers happy too!

Featured Image Courtesy of The Dodo

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