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Special Kitten Messily Celebrates Her Adoption With A Sweet Treat

We know dogs enjoy a good Puppuccino, but did you know cats occasionally enjoy the Starbucks treat too?

And why wouldn’t they? It’s a cup full of whipped cream goodness, and cats are known for their dairy fascination. (While cat parents know dairy isn’t good for cats, a little bit from time to time won’t harm kittens.)

In fact, for a kitten named Meredith, who’d been through a lot in her short life, the Puppuccino proved a purrfect goodbye treat after her time in foster care.


When Meredith was three-weeks-old, she and her littermates were found outside soaked by rain. Their mother was missing, and everyone was sick with parasites, respiratory infections, and infected eyes. But the babies were soon given to Foster the Furbabies in Sicklerville, NJ.

One of the founders of the rescue, Gianna Cirucci, worried over Meredith and her littermates’ condition, telling The Dodo, “Meredith was the runt of the litter, and we weren’t sure if her [sic] or her siblings were even going to make it.”


“Thankfully, they all thrived while in our care, but it definitely did not come easy for Meredith.”

She struggled with eye infections, and this meant lots of vet visits and some diminished vision. In spite of her eye problems, Meredith had no troubles with her appetite. Gianna described her as “extremely crazy when it comes to food.”

“She would try to eat anything and everything. If she smelled something I was eating, she would climb up my body and try to either eat the food out of my mouth or go face first on my plate. For being the runt of the litter, this girl had a HUGE appetite.”


Special Treat for a Special Kitten

When it was time for Meredith to go to her forever home, her foster mom wanted to give her a special treat. A quick trip through the Starbucks drive-thru, and sweet Meredith soon had her very own Puppuccino in-paw!


With Meredith’s propensity for diving into food face first, that’s just what she did with her cup. Gianna and co-founder Gabrielle had to record the silliness, “because it was a moment we never wanted to forget.”

Cat lovers everywhere are so glad they did because Meredith looks too cute and funny covered in her treat! Even the barista who served the kitten couldn’t help laughing, Gianna saying, “She had us laughing so hard, we were in tears and I was wheezing.”

“More of the pup cup got on her face than in her mouth and we cleaned her up directly after, but she definitely had a good time and enjoyed her treat,” explained Gianna. “She kept trying to pull the cup back to her face and was so upset when we wouldn’t let her have any more.”


Well-versed in the care of cats, sisters Gianna and Gabrielle of Foster Baby Cats know what’s healthy for felines and what isn’t. They knew their special kitten would be just fine with a bit of dairy, especially as most of it wound up on her face!

After her special snack, Meredith soon received the best treat of all: a forever home.

Of sweet Meredith, Gianna shared, “She was one of the very first cats we had saved since starting our rescue, and she’ll always be one of our favorites.”

To enjoy more cats tasting a Puppuccino, check out #catsofstarbucks.


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Feature Image: @fostertheburbabies/Instagram

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Cat Photographer, Erica Danger Captures Felines At Their Finest

You love cute cat photos, right?

Yep, same here.

So, if you’re looking for more cat pics to get crazy over, you need to check out Erica Danger because she likes cats! She’ll keep you in adorable cat pictures for days and beyond…

But just who is this maven of feline photography? Based in Oakland, CA, Erica is a cat lover from childhood with a creative streak a mile wide. She got into cat portraiture after she’d been a few years into professional photography, but “I kept joking that I wish I could just pet cats for a living because I’m super good at it, and people would surely hire me if they knew how good I was.”


Erica recalled, “A friend of mine suggested I combine my photography and my passion for cats and be a cat photographer, and the rest is history!!”

And as fans, we’re so grateful for her friend’s suggestion. By now, Erica has photographed more than a thousand cats, including her own senior cat sweetie, Miss Mou, or as she’s officially known, Mouth. Her partner, Adam, the Catman of West Oakland, also has a little herd of cats too, plus the couple fosters cats, so as Erica puts it, “it’s a bit crazy here sometimes!”


Erica isn’t just good with a lens and shutter. She certainly knows her way around needle and thread, too, sewing masks, cat toys, and “ridiculous stuff for you and your cat.” You can find Erica and Adam’s designs at The Catnip Dispensary. And know, every month, Erica makes sure some of their earnings to go to rescues and fosters in need.


The Photography Magic

For those interested in learning how she produces such great photos of cats, here are a few of Ms. Danger’s tips. For the camera, she’s a Canon fan, shooting now with a Canon 5D. To achieve the even lighting you see in her indoor photos, Erica prefers to rain light down upon her subjects by using “an external flash for most photoshoots, bounced off the wall and ceiling behind me.”


She also shared, “Sometimes you can see me in the reflection of the cats’ eyes if you zoom in!”

Erica also advises taking advantage of bright, but indirect natural light for crisp photos, even when using the camera on your phone. She recommends utilizing catnip, toys, and treats too. Sometimes, you have to bribe the kitties to get that purrfect shot!


Catch Erica Danger and her fantastic cat photography on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Feature Image: @ericalikescats/Instagram

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Cat With Compulsion For Flushing Can’t Keep His Paws Off The Toilet

Cats are, without a doubt, the best, but cat lovers can’t deny felines have a tendency to wreak havoc.

Ask Sabrina Louise. Her cat, Kai, loves creating mischief in the house. And his favorite road to misadventures leads to the bathroom, where he often hovers around the toilet.

Why, you ask?

As Kai tells it on Facebook, “I’m a compulsive toilet flusher.”

And he’s not kidding. Sabrina has had a time dealing with Kai’s toilet flushing obsession.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

When the toilet trouble first started, Sabrina would hear a flush, but could put no answer as to why the toilet would be flushing on its own. Before long, she caught the paw responsible for the flushes. Kai was the culprit all along! And it made sense, Sabrina tells the Dodo, “He’s been fascinated with toilet flushing since he was a kitten. He likes to watch the water. At a year old, I caught him using the toilet.”

But she had no idea the smart cat knew how to flush the toilet by himself, and once he’d been caught in the act, Kai kept it up and then some.

“He started flushing it in front of me, and that’s when he became quite obsessed,” shared Louise.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

“I tried putting the lid down, but he still flushed. I tried shutting the door, but he screams.”

And it’s not just innocent flushing, Kai proudly states, “I also like to flush my toys down the toilet and will sneak in and flush when people are using it.”

To thwart sneaky Kai, Sabrina finally gave up and turned off the water when it wasn’t in use. But did that deter Kai? Oh no, he just kept trying, but his cute paws just couldn’t work the knobs to turn the water back on. So, the wily cat has adjusted his flushing to those times he knows the water is on.

“Just before bed he tends to flush continuously. I will yell at him, ‘Kai, don’t you flush again. Get out of the bathroom. Don’t make me come in there.’ Then he runs out, meowing and purring at me. Then a few minutes later, he’s back in there.”

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Sabrina also mentioned, “He especially loves to flush it when I’m in the shower.”

All Around Cute Kai Mayhem

But the toilet isn’t the only hijinks Kai gets into. Oh no, he spreads his mischief around. Have a look at some of his misadventures.

The towels aren’t safe either…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And forget protecting the toilet paper! It’s his favorite…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And here, well…“Mr. Potatoe Thief got potatoe stuck on teef.”

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And if Mister Mischief isn’t feeling a taste for taters, he’s got no issue with just grabbing the kibble himself.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Kai seems to be a bit confused when it comes to how the cat tower works…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

But he certainly understands the refrigerator door makes a purrfect perch!

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Because “he’s always up to something,” Kai’s Facebook is rich with his silly cat antics. Keep up with the Misadventures of Kai for regular toilet flushes and other forms of feline destruction!

Feature Image: Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

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