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Do You Live In One Of The Most Cat-Friendly Cities In The U.S.?

Cat lovers are spread far and wide across our planet, but it seems they tend to congregate a little thicker in some areas. Though cat people tend to find each other through their obsession with felines, in some areas you may have an easier time thanks to a higher populous of the kitty-minded. And more cat lovers means more kitties!

The animal lovers at Petlisted have dug through the litter of city data to find out what cities are considered the most cat-friendly in the United States.

Find out if your city made the list. If not, maybe it’s time to consider somewhere new, somewhere your cat love can be truly appreciated!


The Top 5 Most Cat-Friendly Cities in the United States

To compile their list of cat-friendly cities, Petlisted used multiple data sources from the 100 most populated cities in the U.S, explaining, “These metrics included the amount of cat-friendly housing in a city, number of AAFP certified cat veterinary practices, the abundance of local animal shelters and welfare groups, and number of pet stores selling cat products.”

#1 – Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham loves their cats! This Southern city offers everything cat families need. From American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) clinics to feline retail, this 11th largest city in America is a cat wonderland as “81% of all available rental properties” allow for cats.

#2 – Portland, Oregon

Portland is the cat lovers’ haven in the Pacific Northwest and almost edged out Birmingham, but this largest city in Oregon had fewer pet supply stores as compared to other states.


#3 – Madison, Wisconsin

The 82nd largest city in the U.S, Madison claims 3rd place for cat-friendliness as the city “has the second highest number of AAFP certified vets per capita in the country.”

#4 – Richmond, Virginia

Richmond may only be the 4th largest city in VA, but in terms of cat care, the city “scores top for animal shelters & welfare groups, as well as for certified cat veterinarians.”


#5 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ranked the 45th largest city in the nation, Minneapolis boasts lots of pet stores and a number of animal welfare groups. Plus, the majority of housing options permit cats as tenets.

Courtesy of Petlisted

Rounding Out the Top 25 U.S. Cat-Friendly Cities

Didn’t find your city in the Top 5? Check out cities 6 – 25 to see if your hometown is cuckoo for cats:

  1. St. Louis, MO
  2. Tampa, FL
  3. Orlando, FL
  4. Greensboro, NC
  5. Denver, CO
  6. Fort Wayne, IN
  7. Baton Rouge, LA
  8. Seattle, WA
  9. Omaha, NE
  10. Tulsa, OK
  11. St. Paul, MN
  12. Sacramento, CA
  13. St. Petersburg, FL
  14. Reno, NV
  15. Cincinnati, OH
  16. Scottsdale, AZ
  17. Pittsburgh, PA
  18. Indianapolis, IN
  19. Albuquerque, NM
  20. Wichita, KS

If your city isn’t on the list of the Top 25 Cat-Friendly Cities, don’t fret. Cat lovers can be found everywhere. Just follow the cat hair to find them!


Feature Image: @ladywanderlust.ig/Instagram

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ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter Honors 2020’s “Purrfectly Impurrfect” Shelter Cats

We at think all cats are beautiful and we’re not alone! ARM & HAMMER™ is honoring cats with their “Purrfectly Impurrfect” awards and they’ve selected three shelter cats who’ve proved to be pawsitively pawsome.

From October 29 – November 30, 2020, entries were made to, each one telling the tale of a cat who has been overlooked because of their age, appearance, or behavior. ARM & HAMMER™ believes each and every cat deserves happiness and a forever home and with 2,000 entries, the purrfectly impurrfect are enjoying their moment in the spotlight!

“ARM & HAMMER™ is overwhelmed with the outpouring of heartfelt stories we received about ‘purrfectly impurrfect’ cats in need of good homes,” said Rebecca Blank, Group Brand Manager, ARM & HAMMER™ Pet Care. “We are thankful for all the shelters and cat lovers who participated and helped raise awareness for those cats who are often overlooked, but make wonderful pets.”

And the Winners Are…

The decision was difficult as all cats are amazing. But after much deliberation, a panel of cat experts selected three prize winners. Here are their tales:

From the Dutchess County SPCA, Hyde Park, NY, meet J.R.

Dutchess County SPCA/Facebook

“When the call came for a cat lying lifelessly on a porch, we expected the worst. We found a very strange looking cat with pus-filled eyes and mangled, painful ears. Infested with fleas, covered with dirt, skinny & starving, it was clear he’d been on his own a very long time, struggling to survive. He was so weak that he could barely get up. Over several weeks, he began to improve. He endured a complex surgery to repair his eyes. His ears, however, were damaged beyond repair. The tissue was thickened so no air gets into the ear canals, and as a result they are chronically infected and extremely painful. He has lost his hearing, and is in constant pain. JR needs a rare surgery called a bi-lateral inner ear ablation. This surgery will remove both of his ears, and although he may look a little peculiar, he will be pain-free.”

From Focus on Ferals in Kent County, MI, meet Frank.

Focus on Ferals/Facebook

“Do you ever look at a special cat and your heart explodes with love? And then you think about everything that kitty has been through and you burst into tears? That’s how I feel with Frank, and I think you would too if you met him. He came in as a stray with an ear infection that required antibiotics right away, and a cheek injury where a bone fragment was eventually removed. He’s FIVE and he’s clearly been through a lot, but without his physical scars, you’d never guess he had a hard past. He’s just so easy to love. He has quirky facial expressions and cries out for attention. Other cats, like his best friend Pickle, and volunteers, like me, are drawn to him. But Frank’s charm hasn’t been enough to win over a family of his own. He’s still waiting…”

From the Colonial Capital Humane Society in New Bern, NC, meet Grace.

Rhonda Heath/Facebook

“Grace has been in our shelter for 2,801 days. She came to us as a kitten and now she is a little over 8 years old. Grace is a volunteer favorite. if she graces you with her head butts and purring then you should feel very honored. Grace is very picky about which humans she chooses to let into her world but she is the Mama cat of the shelter. She will take the most timid, scared cats under her wing and make them feel comfortable. She shows them the ropes and mothers them until they feel safe and secure. Grace recently had to have surgery for a tumor, and she came through the surgery like the strong female feline she is. Because of Grace’s standoffish nature with most humans, she tends to get overlooked at the shelter.”

Purrfect Prizes for Purrfect Kitties

And what prizes have these fine felines won?

Each of the three cats has the distinguished honor of bringing home a $10,000 donation for their shelter courtesy of ARM & HAMMER™. Plus, when J.R., Frank, and Grace each find their forever home, their new families will have the distinct pleasure of a consultation with feline behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett.


As one of the judges, Johnson-Bennett saw the value in each cat entered and making the ultimate decision was tough as all cats deserve love. “We’re delighted to celebrate JR, Frank and Grace and share their touching stories to help them get adopted. I look forward to working with the three lucky families that will get to call these cats their own and help make sure they have a smooth transition into their new homes.”

As the response to the contest went above and beyond expectations, Blank shared, “ARM & HAMMER™ is excited to announce we’ll be donating an additional $50,000 to shelters and shelter cats in need each year with the establishment of our Feline Generous ‘Kitty.’ We can’t wait to meet and support more and more loving cats in need through this effort.”

Read more tales of the “Purrfectly Impurrfect” at

Feature Image: Dutchess County SPCA/FacebookFocus on Ferals/Facebook

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Adoption Brings Forever Home Dreams To Life For Sick And Lonely Cats

Every year, more than 3 million cats enter animal shelters and rescues. The ASPCA estimates 1.6 million of these cats go on to find their forever homes. So you could say, shelter and rescue workers just might be the fairy godparents who help dreams come true for kitties.

For some felines, the magical journey to home is not an easy one. Many cats come to shelters sick, injured, and scared. Some have never known the comforts of home; others have lost it.  Whatever their story, thanks to the hard work of cat lovers, so many felines find their happy ending through adoption.

Across social media, cat parents have shared what rescue and adoption did for their kitties and the photos are pure magic!

Feline Dreams Come True Through Adoption

From sickly kitten to healthy cat, “a little love can really make such a difference.”

We Love Animals/Facebook

“Furiosa was a shy, scared little sweetie at the shelter. She immediately fell in love with her new dad. She’s a total daddy’s girl.”


Just one week after crawling out of the garbage, Shirley the kitten found healing and home…


Binx was rescued by his family after a frightening storm in which he hurt his eye and lost his kitty mom, but “thankfully these great humans found me and my sister.”


This skinny kitten grew into a healthy and happy ‘foster fail’ in just 6 months time thanks to adoption!


Tiny Martin was found malnourished and suffering from an eye infection, but now he’s a spoiled baby with his very own heated blanket, which proved to be “his literal dream come true, this guy LIVES to be cozy and warm!”


Feral to friendly, adoption makes dreams come true for cats! Ask Jacqueline the cat, she’ll tell you about the magic in her mom’s hugs…


Mimi McQueen came to her family a sickly kitten, but now, she’s a healthy girl who takes her daughter role seriously, sharing, “Gotta tell you it has been a lot of responsibilities…Lot of tuna to finish and lot of pigeons to chase away and save my moms.”


10 months ago I found this little guy abandoned and starving, now he’s a pampered little prince.”


This is Billy. With a mouth full of bad teeth, he was in bad shape, but with surgery and lots of love after adoption, his mom says, “I’d say he’s doing pretty well.” We agree! 


As these photos reveal, rescue and adoption give cats and kittens a second chance at life. Happy and healthy in their forever homes, these kitties prove adoption makes feline dreams come true.

Feature Image: We Love Animals/Facebook

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Lost Cat Comes Home To Family On Anniversary of Son’s Death  

Losing a child is one of the hardest things for any mother to endure, but learning your child is watching over you from afar can bring some much-needed comfort to a grieving heart. At a time when mom Deb Mosberger desperately needed some joy, her deceased son brought her the cheer she so needed by bringing home the family’s missing cat.

On December 9, 2002, a drunk driver killed Vinny Mosberger. He was only 18 and his family was devastated at his loss. Deb shared a memory she’s kept since that time, of an evening by the fire, when Vinny spoke to her spirit, telling his mom, “Don’t worry. Don’t be real upset, I’m OK.”

This year marks the 18th year since Vinny’s death and in a year as hard as 2020, the family’s old wounds are feeling raw with grief at his loss. When one of the Mosberger cats went missing, things just felt even worse. But Vinny had a surprise that would lift his mom’s spirits.

Image Courtesy of Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch via West Central Tribune

Gone Missing

On November 5th, the Mosberger cats, Abe and Lincoln, went out for their usual outdoor catting. Lincoln came back, but Abe didn’t. Deb wasn’t too terribly worried as Abe liked to overnight outside sometimes, but by the next morning, he still hadn’t returned. The Mosbergers hunted the area, called the neighbors, and tacked up posters, but five weeks passed with no sign of Abe.

But, Deb had a feeling.

Image Courtesy of Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch via West Central Tribune

Cats have been a part of the Mosberger family since Vinny was a small kid. Like his parents, he loved cats and kittens. So as December 9th, the 18th anniversary of Vinny’s death, dawned, and Abe still hadn’t returned home, Deb put out a prayer to Vinny, “I said, ‘OK Vinny, it would be nice if you bring Abe home.’”

“During the day I told a couple people, Vinny is gonna bring Abe home.”

Her mother’s intuition was right.

Image Courtesy of Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch via West Central Tribune

Joyful Return

That night as Deb stood in the kitchen, she heard a familiar cry at the window. Looking up, she couldn’t believe it, but there sat Abe!

Image Courtesy of Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch via West Central Tribune

Back in Deb’s arms, Abe cried most of the evening, relating his adventure to his parents. He stayed near Deb all night long, so relieved to be home. Vinny had indeed been watching over his family from afar and to make a hard time a little easier, he helped bring Abe home.

“Now I can love December again because of this Christmas miracle,” said Deb. “And now the year 2020 is not so bad.”

Feature Image: Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch via West Central Tribune

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Meet 5 Cats And Kittens Finding Second Chances Thanks To Foster Care

When cats are rescued, many of them need extra care and healing before they’re ready to find their forever homes. This is where foster homes come in. In the homes of cat lovers with a special gift for curative care, kitties get better from illnesses, mend from injuries, and learn how to be part of a family.

Have you ever thought about fostering cats or kittens?

If so, there’s so many reasons to help felines find their forever homes, even if that home isn’t your own. With 3 million cats entering shelters every year and only half this figure finding homes, cats need all the help they can get. Fostering gives cats who might once have succumbed to circumstance a chance for a long and healthy life with people who love them.

Let’s meet a few cats and kittens who prove fostering saves lives and offers second chances.


Fostering Cats Saves Lives

One of the many lucky kittens to be fostered by the Youngest Old Cat Lady, Hawk had what foster mom Ashley called an evil twin. He was born with a kidney which just didn’t work and swelled so large, it’s a surprise the thing didn’t rupture. But, the adorable kitten made it through surgery with flying colors. He’s recently been able to start playing with the other kittens again, and soon, he’ll be ready for adoption. Check out his before and after photo to see the difference!


Ash came into the care of Alley Cat Rescue after he suffered a broken jaw during a domestic disturbance situation. Through one of their affiliated foster families, this sweet grey cat got the chance to heal from surgery and a wired jaw in comfort and love. Now, Ash is looking for the forever home that will let him be the goofball he was always meant to be!


Meet Pierre! This cutie kitten and his littermates are fostering with Bay Area Baby Cats. Pierre and some of his siblings suffered from severe eye infections at the time of their rescue. Eventually, Pierre’s eye ruptured and had to be removed. But now he’s on his way to being a healthy kitten looking for his forever family.


Keep scrolling for more cats saved through foster care!

All hail King Arthur of Music City Kitties! This noble lad came into foster care with an eye infection and though he wasn’t feeling his best, he was still a lovebug who made biscuits with the best of them. As a senior cat of 10, Arthur faced a harder time finding his forever home as many people seek kittens first. Thanks to his devoted foster family, this king of cats has been adopted!


Vincent was a wild boy who turned up covered in mange with open sores and missing fur. Super skinny, he needed food and care, but lucky for this tough black cat, Catman Chris Poole knew how to get him strong and on his paws again. Now, Vincent has a forever home and a family to love him! That doesn’t sound unlucky at all!


Want to help save cats and kittens through fostering? Contact your local animal shelters and cat rescue groups to learn how to get involved. Every kitty matters and deserves a happy home!

Feature Image: @bayareababycats/Instagram & @music_city_kitties/Instagram

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These 21 Curious Cats Are The Nosiest Neighbors Ever

Do cats make for nosy neighbors?

You might as well ask if tigers poop in the jungle because we know the answer is yes!

Cats are the busiest of the busybodies thanks to their famous cat curiosity. And while their curiosity is a survival mechanism helping them to know every nook and cranny of their territory, we know another truth behind kitty snooping. A bunch of cute and whiskered nosy rosies, felines feel compelled to know every detail of everybody’s business. Don’t think you can hide anything from a cat. They’re on top of everything that happens in your house and most likely the neighbors’ too!

Cat parents have happily supplied proof of cat nosiness to social media and we’ve compiled a gallery of the nosiest neighbor cats around.


Nosy Neighbors Can’t Stop Peeping

Neighborhood watch or just a kitty angel being nosy on a morning walk?


A cat dad reports, “He just watches people walking down on the street like this.” 


Cats learn to spy on the neighbors at an early age and here we see a kitten purrfecting her skills…


Flibbles needs to know! So many people outside, what could be going on out there?


Jalousie windows are meant to protect homes from prying eyes, but they also crank out to make a great spying spot for a ginger tabby…


Two busybodies spying on the neighbors and probably gossiping about everybody they see…


“Whatcha mean what they got going ain’t none of my business?”


Hold up now! What’s going on over there? Is that even allowed?


This fine lady will abide no shenanigans in her neighborhood!


“Who needs a T.V. when the neighbors are your daytime drama?”


Best friends Klara and Tofu can’t believe their kitty eyes, is that a Porsche parked next door?


Anyone else staring this hard might be considered creepy, but when the creeper is a cat, it’s too cute!


A beautiful scene of nosiness as a floof watches the world and takes notes on the printer paper…


Nosy since day one!


You darn kids! Get off our lawn!


A meddlesome minx makes like a shadow on the wall while cat loving hearts melt at the cuteness…


Just remember, cats are always watching. Even as you’re reading this, there are most likely feline eyes upon you!


Feature Image:@lusham/Twitter@klara_and_tofu/Instagram

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