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Put An End To Cat Litter Odor By Trying These 5 Things

With so many people spending time at home, litter box odor is likely more noticeable than ever. You shouldn’t have to smell your cat’s stinky litter all day, especially when you’re inside for the majority of the time. However, a litter box is a part of your cat’s life that just can’t be avoided. So, what are some ways that you can help your home smell less like your cat’s stinky litter? We have partnered with PrettyLitter, and they wanted to share these great tips on how to better manage litter box odor.

Choose the Perfect Location

Many cat parents assume that the best place to keep the litter box is in the most secluded room possible, but that’s not always the case. If the room you choose isn’t well-ventilated, then it could actually make the litter box stench even worse. So, instead of just settling on the least-visited room, consider all your options and find out which room has the best ventilation. That way, the odor will leave the room quickly instead of sticking around.

Also, the type of litter you use actually has an impact on where you should keep the litter box. For example, many cat parents prefer to keep the litter box in the bathroom. However, super-absorbent litters don’t do as well in a bathroom due to the humidity. Baths and showers would get absorbed by the litter, causing it not to last as long. If you only want to keep your litter in the bathroom, that’s okay, but you just need to keep in mind that your litter might not last as long. For crystal litter, it would likely last only 3 weeks as opposed to 4.

Use the Right Amount of Litter

Oftentimes, people don’t fill their cat’s litter box enough. They assume that using minimal litter will stop them from wasting litter, but it actually causes the odor control to not be as effective. For most litters, the litter box should be filled with a minimum of 2-3 inches for best odor control. If the litter box isn’t full enough, all the urine could sink to the bottom, causing it to get smelly faster.

The type of litter box can also have an effect on the smell. Open litter pans are the most common types of litter boxes because they’re easy to find and easy for your cat to access. However, there’s nothing standing between you and the litter, so they are the worst when it comes to odor control. A covered litter box can reduce the smell a bit, but all other things should be considered too. A new litter box alone can’t fix your odor problems.


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Consider Your Cat’s Diet

What many cat parents don’t realize is that certain types of cat food can have a significant effect on the smell of the litter box. In general, dry food tends to be a bit less stinky than wet food, which makes sense because the food itself is usually smellier in wet forms. Also, fish-flavored food is typically the smelliest protein to choose. 

However, every cat food brand has different formulas and different ingredients, so these suggestions are not the case for every brand. After all, food is typically not the only cause of a smelly litter box, but if you think it might be a concern, you should consider making changes to your cat’s diet.

Keep up with Litter Maintenance

Of course, cleaning the litter box is an essential part of controlling the odor. How you clean your litter box greatly depends on what type of litter you use though. Certain types of litter require less maintenance than others. For example, clay litters will need to be replaced more often than crystal litter. So, follow cleaning instructions based on the type of litter you use.

If you don’t clean your litter box thoroughly on a regular basis, then the litter box odor will get worse much faster. For low maintenance litters like crystal litter, all you have to do is scoop the poop and then replace the litter after 3 to 4 weeks. How you clean your litter all depends on the type of litter, so it’s best to choose one that’s great for odor control.

Instagram: @leo.mainecoon

Consider Using Crystal Litter

Crystal litter is one of the best types of litter when it comes to odor control. So, if your house often smells like the litter box, you should consider switching to a brand of crystal litter like PrettyLitter. One bag of PrettyLitter can have excellent odor control for up to 4 weeks, and it’s all thanks to the crystal litter that it’s made of.

Crystal litter is made with silica gel beads, which are solid particles of sodium silicate. These small beads have microscopic pores, which allow them to absorb many times their own weight in moisture. The porous granules that make up crystal litter are the key to perfect odor control.

PrettyLitter and other crystal litters are the best at odor control because the litter is made of porous silica gel beads that trap all the odor at its source. Then, they eliminate the moisture to keep your cat’s litter long-lasting. Unlike many other litter brands, crystal litter is scentless, so it actually controls the odor instead of just masking it.

You won’t have to worry about the terrible litter box smell anymore if you use crystal litter. Choosing a crystal litter like PrettyLitter is the best way to handle a stinky litter box in your home.

If you’re sick of your home constantly smelling like the litter box no matter what you try, then it might be time to make the switch. With PrettyLitter, you’re choosing the best in odor control. You’ll never have to smell your cat’s business again! We’re proud to have PrettyLitter as our sponsor, so you can now get 20% off your first month with the code BESTPET20!

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Foster Kitten Makes For Adorable Quarantine Buddy

Not so long ago, life was flowing at a normal pace. People worked at their offices and grocery shopping was just a chore, not a mission. Shelters paced along, staff and volunteers working to get cats and dogs into their forever homes. And folks were adopting animals and kittens, like 3-week-old Monkey, were taken into foster.

But then everything changed and our wide worlds shrank to the space of our homes.

Monkey made it to a safe and secure home with foster mom Merissa just in time.


Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

A Kitten In Need

Monkey was a kitten alone and hungry, but thanks to San Jose Animal Services, he found himself in the care of Saving Grace Rescue. Founder Amber Rose said of the baby ginger cat, “He earned the name Monkey. He was so outgoing from the start and just a big personality.”

Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

Amber put out the call for fosters for Monkey and it didn’t take long for foster mom Merissa to offer her home to the adorable kitten. Not long after Merissa brought the kitten home, the state of California began the push for all residents to stay in place and remain at home.

The lucky kitten found his safe space just in time.

And, he settled in right away. By day 2, Monkey discovered how much he enjoyed cuddling. So much, in fact, he curled right up in Merissa’s comfy robe.

Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

According to Love Meow, Monkey has found much to keep him occupied in his days at home with Merissa. The tiny boy enjoys padding around the house on his adorable toe beans and his curiosity keeps him busy discovering new things. The sweet baby has also learned about toys and how fun they can be.

Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

In these strange times, Monkey keeps Merissa smiling!

Amber related, “He’s been through a lot this week but this fantastic foster mom makes him feel loved and safe.”

Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

This cat lover’s opinion predicts a foster fail on the horizon because Monkey and Merissa seem to be a perfect match!

Don’t Forget Rescue Animals

As for the other cats and kittens at Saving Grace Rescue, Amber shared everybody is safe with volunteers and foster families. “We have had a wonderful influx of volunteer fosters. We are grateful every day for our SGR family.”

From the cat lovers here at, thank you to all the animal rescue workers, volunteers, and fosters for keeping cats and kittens safe.

If you’re interested in helping out, check out Saving Grace Rescue’s initiatives or get in touch with your local shelter to see what rescue animals in your city need.

Feature Image: Saving Grace Rescue Inc/Facebook

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Thousands Of Cats Respond To Man’s Request For Sick Mom

When a devoted son put out a request for cat pictures to cheer up for his elderly mother with COVID-19, he surely didn’t expect over 50,000 responses filled with cat pictures and well wishes.

A great bit of news in a time when families are forced to remain separated!

That cats are helping to lift spirits makes the tale even sweeter…

Cats Make Her Smile

Just recently, Bob Hayes turned to Twitter for some help cheering up his 96-year-old mother.

She was diagnosed with COVID-19 and isolated in her nursing home. Hayes wrote, “Her nursing home is under quarantine; we can now only see her through her window.”


Hayes also reported, “She’s got a cough and slight fever.”


Since his mom loves cats, Hayes took to Twitter with a request. “Please send cute cat pics and I’ll print and paste them in her window.”


By the passing of 2 days, Bob’s request had over 50,000 responses. Kitties and their parents had flooded Bob with thousands of images to paste on his mom’s window along with well-wishes for her.

From silly to sweet, young to old, cats of all colors and patterns came out to show their support for an ailing cat lover.

Kitties just like these Bengal cat beauties wanted to let Bob’s mom know they send their best and lots of “*hugs*”…


International cats like Mimi of Turkey sent their love too…


Even a 28-year-old grimalkin named Tattie sent her best wishes. Tattie is the “shelter matriarch” for Montreal’s Animal Rescue Network.


While cats were the main feature of the replies, dogs and their fur parents were full of goodwill too! “I don’t have a cat, but I have a puppy. Your mother is in my prayers.”


Scroll on for more cat pics worthy of taping one the window…

Kittens had greetings to give too. “Spider kitty says hi to Nana”…


Cabbage is a cutie who “sticks her tongue out when she’s happy”. She makes us happy and we think Bob’s mom will be too…


And this handsome lad is a charmer for sure! “This is Sir Percival Fuzzyboots, Earl of Jellybeantoes. He loves naps, cuddles, wet food, and cheering up lovely 96-year-old ladies!”


Junot says, “May we all be this relaxed one day soon.”


Pebbles the Blind Cat looks too cute in her ruffled shirt and that’s definitely window material…


“Kevin is dancing in anticipation of a full recovery for your mom”…


And so are we!

All the best to the Hayes family!

Feature Image: @Drstevenhobbs/Twitter, @HNHughson/Twitter, & @bnans/Twitter

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Lucy The Bat Cat Raises Awareness With Adorable Face

Like snowflakes, every cat is a unique work of art in their own right.

Some cats have stripes, some have patches. Toe beans can be pink or black. Whiskers can be curly or lush and long. No matter what a cat looks like, every kitty is beautiful and social media creates a wonderful scope to view all the different attributes that make cats special.

And Lucy the Bat Cat is the one of the latest kitty snowflakes to steal the internet’s heart. Cat lovers everywhere are falling for this little girl and her big eyes…


Special Needs Kitten

Lucy is a Sphynx kitten, born with a hydrocephalus, a condition in which spinal fluid isn’t absorbed by the body and winds up accumulating around the brain. Its often referred to as ‘water on the brain’ and the increased fluid causes a pronouncement in the cranium. And in Lucy’s case, coupled with her wide eyes, her adorably big head makes her resemble a bat.

And this unique look was what first caught Zilla Bergamini’s eye.


Checking out a video of Sphynx kitten siblings, Zilla was captivated by the different look of the tiny black kitten.


Though she learned Lucy’s condition made her special needs, Zilla was already in love and ready to do whatever the kitty baby needed.

“I began reading everything I could about hydrocephalus and all possible outcomes. I looked for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country and I already started setting up a fund to pay for her surgery—if needed—or medication,” said Zilla in an interview with Love Meow.


The veterinary care turned out to be a tough road. Lucy’s initial vet thought surgery wasn’t worth the risk and that some bowel issues weren’t a problem.

But, by this time, Lucy had been at her in new home in Israel for a couple months and her bond with Zilla was already tight. Zilla knew something wasn’t right and sought a second opinion for Lucy’s host of medical issues.

Her cat mom instincts proved right…


The new vet was on the poop problem right away and afterward the little kitty was free flowing for a couple weeks. Zilla had to tuck Lucy into a tiny diaper and carry her around at all times. Needless to say, the pair grew even closer.


Zilla and Lucy spent much time working with medical staff and while her first months were tough, the bat cat hung in there and proved to be one tough cookie!


A Unique Look and a Special Message Create Cat Stardom

Now a year old, Lucy is living a happy and secure life with Zilla and her cat siblings. With Zilla’s help, the “Hydrocefalus Nude Kitten” started an Instagram profile to raise awareness about special needs conditions.


Lucy’s feed serves to show everyone how rich and full a life a cat with special needs can have. Zilla said, “She is more delicate than a ‘normal’ cat. But it isn’t always a death sentence. Like humans, pets can have disabilities but live happy lives and they can give as much love as any other pet, if not more.”

Lucy currently has more than 26k followers, proving the tiniest is often the mightiest!

Feature Image: @lucythebatcat/Instagram

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Cats Don’t Care About Our Toilet Paper Worries

Cats do what they want.

If you’re a cat parent, you’re more than aware of this fact. And, you probably give into the whims of your feline when it comes to their will, because sometimes it just easier to let a cat have her way.

But there are some behaviors cat moms and dads can’t abide.

Especially in a toilet paper shortage.


Naughty Eleanor

Kylie Duffield has trouble in her house. The source of this trouble may be whiskered, striped, and small, but she can do a lot of damage to an innocent roll of toilet paper. And Eleanor the cat can’t be tamed when it comes to wads of cottony softness.


“Eleanor will destroy everything, loves pulling her collar off and chewing it up … but toilet paper is her real thing,” Kylie told The Dodo.

Kylie does her best to keep Eleanor out of the bathroom, but cats are sneaky, especially when there’s a forbidden object on the other side of the door. “I have to make sure I shut the door tight and I’ve never had a cat do this so I do forget on occasion.”

While a cat all draped and wrapped in toilet tissue is adorable, in this time of toilet paper shortages, Eleanor’s habit proves a little frustrating. But the naughty grey tabby could care less. She just wants to have fun!

“I’ve got a spare six-pack at the moment but the shops are cleaned out every time I go so I’m trying to keep her out but she’s sneaky and cheeky,” said Kylie.

The Trouble-Maker Sister

Eleanor and her twin sister, Tahani, came to Kylie by way of Tiny Tails Rescue in Australia. The sweet sisters were abandoned when their family moved away, but the tabby girls found their forever home in a hurry. Kylie had planned only to foster the cats, but she knew pretty quickly the kitty sisters were destined to be her ‘foster fails’.

Image Courtesy of Kylie Duffield via The Dodo

Of the two sisters, Eleanor is the one who keeps Kylie on her toes. She’s always getting into something and easily blows through Kylie’s cat-proofing measures. But silly antics are one of a million reasons we love cats!

And when it comes to toilet paper, Eleanor isn’t the only toilet paper fiend out there.

Check out these naughty cats shredding rolls…

This kitten claims, “I didn’t do it. The roll jumped off the holder and unrolled itself!” Sure, sure…


“It was like this when i came in, Meowmy.” We don’t believe it, no matter how cute you are!


A whole basket of mischief…


A Bengal cat baby beating up the rolls…


Feisty cat caught in the act…


The picture of innocence on a comfy bed of toilet tissue…


Tip of the day: Guard your toilet paper, folks!

Feature Images:@bengalkatpablo/Instagram  & @artemis_bug/Instagram

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