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Handsome Cats & Their Famous Men

A good cat picture can make us take a break from whatever we’re doing and have a look. Who doesn’t love a photo of a kitty cat being adorably fluffy and whiskery?

Now, add a handsome man to that cat photo and, well, we’re smashing that like button.

Take a break and have a look this compilation of cute cats and the hot men holding them. You’ll enjoy celebrities who love their fur babies, some nice photo shoots of celebs and cats, and some good-looking strangers snuggling felines.

You’re welcome!

Celebrities Love Their Cats Too

Celebs are people, just like us. And, some of them are cats lovers, just like us. Check out these boys and their kitties…

Robert Downey Jr. says his “cat lover cred goes way back” …

Robert Downey Jr/Facebook

As a distinguished gentleman, Downey still loves “heart to heart” moments with cats like his Helen Rose…


James Franco and his little calico kitten friend want to know, “Who loves reading?”


Not only is Franco a book lover, but he’s a cat lover as well. His two cats, Sammy and Zelda, reportedly earned their names from literary sources. Smart is sexy, so is a soft spot for felines…


Speaking of a soft spot for cats, The Cat Rapper Moshow is all kinds of handsome with his love of cats and his respect for women. He’s raising Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli to be fine cats who give back…

Ian Somerhalder and his cats are philanthropists too. His foundation works to fund those helping animals and people worldwide…


With those piercing eyes and that kind heart, let’s have another look at Mr. Somerhalder. The gorgeous ginger cat draped on his shoulders certainly adds to his appeal…


Norman Reedus is a rugged, motorcycle riding bad-ass who loves his sweet fur darling, a black cat named Eye in the Dark…


The shadow-furred kitty even has a Twitter page…

Surprise Cat Lover and A Twitter Page

Some years ago, it was reported the Dogg Father was actually a cat lover. Snoop spoils his two Siamese cats, Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra. Here, we see the handsome Dogg and his tuxedo friend…

Rowan Kelly/Pinterest

Research reveals Tom Hiddleston is indeed an animal lover. He grew up with cats and dogs. While its unsure if he has a cat now, fans have banded together to pair the handsome actor with look-a-likes on Twitter…

Not Sure If These Guys Have Cats…

But they sure look good holding them…

Just when we thought Chris Hemsworth couldn’t be any cuter, he goes and poses with cats…


Rob Gronkowski was rough on the field, but snuggling this fluffy kitten, we see he’s a big softie…


Seeing this picture of Blake Shelton cuddling with a kitten makes us understand how he was once voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive.


Jason Momoa chilling with a friend’s cats is amazing, period.


When Zac Efron and the gray kitten are both photo-ready, how do you choose a favorite pic?


Javier Bardem proves even villains look good with a cat…


A Little More Eye Candy…

When you search ‘hot men with cats’ online, you won’t be disappointed.  One is handed eye candy in the form of Hot Dudes with Kittens. Here’s a sample for your enjoyment…

So well-dressed…check out those spots…


Those eyes…have you ever seen a shade of yellow so intense…


That belly though…its so fluffy!


Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t miss that…

Feature Image: @HotDudeWithKittens/Instagram

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Alright Cat Lovers, Great Ready, It’s Kitten Bowl Time!

Are you ready for some kittens?

Never mind all the hype surrounding some big football game scheduled for February 2nd, 2020. Cat lovers are too busy gearing up for the Hallmark Kitten Bowl VII. With over 100 kittens scheduled to take the field, you won’t want to miss this clash of cute.

The kittens will be divided into four teams, each one vying for the Feline Football Championship. Which team will claim the top purrize? The Courageous Cougars, the Last Hope Lions, the Little Longtails, or the Long Shore Bengals?

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Have a look at the player profiles and build your Fantasy Kitten lineup.

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Will the Lions’ “The Beast of Hurtin” be able to handle the Cougars’ “Tiger Paws”?

Can “Little Poison” of the Longtails take down the Bengals’ “The Hittin’ Kitten”.

Tune in to the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, February 2, 2020 (2 p.m. ET/PT) to find out!

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Plus, viewers can catch the Cat Bowl on Saturday, February 1st (11:00 PM / 10:00c).

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Celebs for Cats

Join host Beth Stern, animal lover and activist, and get carried away by the heart-melting antics of kittens at play. Jill Wagner and Brennan Elliott will be calling the game play-by-play so viewers will catch every paw swipe and tussle. Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings will be on the sidelines as the field correspondent and retired football great Boomer Esiason serves to keep things clean as the Commissioner of the Football Feline League.

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

While these celebs are on-board to have a good time with cute kittens, they also take part in the kitten bowl because they believe in the importance of animal advocacy. In fact, he Kitten Bowl offers kitty cats in need a chance at their forever homes. Since its beginnings in 2014, Kitten Bowl has helped 40,000 shelter animals find their families. The Hallmark Channel partners with North Shore Animal League America, the largest network in the no-kill initiative, as well as 500 animal shelters nationwide to make this possible.

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

Adoption Ever After

The Kitten Bowl is one part of the Hallmark Channel’s initiative to save animals in need, Adoption Ever After.

The goal?

“Educating the public about the many rewards of pet adoption in hopes of inspiring viewers to open their homes and hearts to shelter pets. It aims to dismantle common misconceptions about shelter animals, provide resources, and ultimately put an end to this country’s epidemic of pet homelessness.”

Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

What better way to raise awareness then turning one hundred kittens loose on a field of toys! Viewers will once again be glued to their screens watching the pure goodness of kittens at play. Make sure you’re one of the spectators, because you won’t want to miss this pawsome event!

Feature Image: Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games/Facebook

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Kitten Stuck To Glue Trap Is Almost Home, Forever

On Christmas Day, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha (HAWS) posted the story of Elmer, a tiny black kitten found stuck to a glue trap.

When discovered, the scared kitten was alone and in need on the cold Wisconsin streets. In a Facebook post, HAWS described the little baby’s state as “very scared and disoriented…with a glue trap stuck to him!!”

Once the poor kitten arrived in the care of HAWS, caretakers Brittany, Caitlin and Megan worked to remove the glue trap from the kitten’s delicate fur and skin. The glue had saturated Elmer’s fur, reaching all the way to his skin. In an interview with Fox6 Now, caregiver Caitlin Schneider said, “It was one of those things, how do you even get him unstuck?”

HAWS of Waukesha/Facebook

The trio learned it takes a lot of soap, oil, and patience to do the job. A strong stomach helped too.

“It was very gross,” Caitlin admitted. “There was grass stuck to it, there was mouse parts stuck to it. This was not a great situation for him to be in.”

Elmer was a “Champ” Through it All

While the process to remove Elmer from the trap and clean his fur took a while to accomplish, the kitten remained brave.

HAWS of Waukesha/Facebook

“He was an absolute champ,” said Caitlin. “He was purring as we were trying to get him out.”

Little Elmer was probably relieved to be free of the glue trap. How scary and uncomfortable for such a sweet kitten!

HAWS of Waukesha/Facebook

Elmer went to stay with a foster family for a few weeks to recover from his incident. And there, he could also prepare for his forever home.

Ready for Adoption

Not long after his ordeal, Elmer was healed and back on his itty-bitty paws thanks to the hard work of HAWS’ staff and his foster family.

“He is such a sweetheart. He’s a snuggler,” gushed Jennifer Smieja of HAWS. “He is cute. He’s got just a beautiful coat, so velvety, smooth and soft.”

HAWS of Waukesha/Facebook

Just recently, HAWS announced Elmer was ready for adoption.

Within a few minutes of opening, they had their first inquiry on the black kitten. As of their last update, Elmer was on hold for what just might be his forever home. Not only that, but he’s got a long list of folks waiting in line if the family who reserved Elmer doesn’t work out.

About Elmer’s plight, HAWS posted, “This situation could have turned out very badly, and we are relieved we were able to save this kitten.”

We are too! Thank you to HAWS and all the kind hearts out there working to save cats and kittens.

Feature Image: HAWS of Waukesha/Facebook

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Purple-Dyed, “Chew Toy” Kitten & Blind Cat Heal Together

At seven weeks old, kittens should only know love and security. At a time when a kitten should be discovering the world through play and mischievous adventures, Smurf experienced terror and pain at the hands of cruel humans. Dyed purple and covered in gaping injuries, the tiny kitten was found on the side of the road and taken to the San Jose Animal Shelter.

Instead of euthanizing the sickly kitten, they contacted the Nine Lives Foundation of Redwood City, CA, for help.

The Nine Lives Foundation took charge of the tiny kitten, fearing he might not survive the abuse he’d endured. Stained head-to-toe in purple dye, the grey kitten was covered in wounds resembling bites. Nine Lives founder and veterinarian Dr. Monica Rudiger suspects Smurf was used as a chew toy for a larger animal.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Dr. Rudiger told ABC News, “I believe that, for someone’s amusement, this kitten was used as a chew toy for their dog.”

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Once Smurf arrived at Nine Lives, his fur was shaved to remove the dyed and matted hair, exposing scars and wounds in need of treatment. Weighing in under two pounds, Smurf had a long road to recovery. But with the help of staff and volunteers at the Nine Lives Foundation, the kitten would grow healthier and stronger every day.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

 Two Cats Who Had It Rough Now Have Each Other

While Smurf was housed with Nine Lives, the foundation experienced a shortage of kennels. As Smurf was still a young cat on the mend, staff thought it might be good to have him share his bed with Wanda, a blind cat who needed love too. The two kitty cats became family that first night.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

The Nine Lives Foundation reported, “She was placed in the same cage as SMURF on her very first day and has become bonded with him. We will send them into foster care together next week ? and yes they will be adopted together!”

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Together, the pair healed.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

The kitties remained in months of foster care, their bond tightening every day. To be sure the pair remained together, one of the veterinarians caring for the grey kitten and tuxedo cat adopted the kitty cats.

A few years have passed, but the pair remains together and have grown from scared kittens to healthy cats.

Smurf and Wanda/Facebook

It took months for the dye that remained in Smurf’s fur to grow out. Smurf’s coat came in lush and smoky gray. He’s certainly a handsome man.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook


Wanda and Smurf are both loving kitties who got second chances at life thanks to kind hearts and their hard work. Rescue staff and volunteers are heroes to cats everywhere!

Feature Image: Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

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