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10 Purrfect Photos of Camouflaged Cats

Discover more about 10 Purrfect Photos of Camouflaged Cats.

Cats are known for being incredible hunters and with this skill comes the ability to hide in their surroundings. This camouflaging act helps them sneak up on prey, or unsuspecting humans, so they can make the pounce. With many cats living indoors only, though, you wouldn’t think they have enough of a natural environment to blend in with. Our feline friends, however, have proved us very wrong. These photos show some purrfectly camouflaged cats – it’s like a game of Where’s Waldo!


They’ll never find me here


Camouflage Cat


Can you spot Krypto, toilet paper assassin and camouflage master?


My friend’s cat Snowball is a cunt, but props for the camouflage you sneaky bitch.


Camouflage level : Cat


Cat Camouflage


I’ve been told theres a cat hidden in this picture, cant find it.


Find the cat.


Camouflage cat


Shower cat used camouflage. It was super effective!

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Cat Talk Bible

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