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This Feline-Inspired Card Game Asks Do You Look Like Your Cat?

Looking for a fun new game to shake off the boredom?

Do you love cats?

Then Do You Look Like Your Cat? is the game for you!

In this family-friendly matching card game, you can flex your memory skills and chuckle at humans and the cats they look like. Or do the cats look like the humans?

Either way, this game is a good time!


Do You Look Like Your Cat?

Players of the game have 50 cards with photos of cats and humans, “and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends,” according to game publisher Laurence King.

To play, you’ll need to match the cat to their corresponding human and the player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

Do You Look Like Your Cat? “is the perfect gift for cat lovers.”

We think so too!


Cute Game, Hard to Capture

The cat photography makes the game amazing and while its adorable, photographer Gerrard Gethings said cats being cats made the photoshoots difficult. With the lights and camera ready, he and the cat parents would do everything in their power, which included laser points, treats, and sweet talk, but some cats just wanted no part and hid. As he told the Guardian, he’d leave the cat’s house “feeling quite defeated and a huge failure”.

In other instances, he’d find his hopes dashed by wily cat tactics. “The cats would jump up and sit on the table beautifully, lick their paws and just watch what was happening as I set up the backdrop”. As soon as Gethings would lift the camera though, “they’d jump off and hide and never come back. It seemed almost deliberate.”


Gethings is also the genius behind Do You Look Like Your Dog? and he reported the dogs were much easier to photograph as they happily reported to his studio. On Instagram, he said, “We had to be a wee bit more inventive with the cats than the dogs.” 

But he felt the cats were worth the work and deserved the same attention as dogs.


“Everyone’s seen someone who looks like a dog. It’s been an idea forever,” he shared. “But I don’t think people have thought, ‘That person looks a lot like a cat.’ I suppose there’s a feline quality some people can have, but not in the same way. They don’t have huge beards, or things dogs have, like a centre parting and long hair – easy matches. Cats are more difficult.”

Yes, cats can be difficult but that’s some of the magic that makes them so great!


Pick up Do You Look Like Your Cat? and have some fun with the family.

Feature Image: @gezgethings/Instagram

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Spying A Kitten On The Highway, Cat Lovers Save The Day

Ever had a feeling you just couldn’t shake, even though it just didn’t make sense?

Kristyn Gamblain has and thankfully for a kitten named Jersey, she acted on the feeling!

Cruising down a familiar stretch of highway one Friday morning, she noticed a random black ball wedged between two concrete jersey barriers. Moving by at about 60 mph made it hard to identify what the object was, but as she shared on Facebook, “My immediate thought was ‘omg that’s a kitten’.

Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

She Had to See If It Was a Kitten or Not

Over the next two exits, Kristyn debated herself over the unidentified object and decided her first instincts were right. “So I change over 4 lanes of traffic and head for the next exit.”

Driving back through the area at 45 mph didn’t win her any points with other commuters, but when she spotted the ball again and pulled over, her discovery made the irate humans fade away.

Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

Kristyn had indeed spotted a kitten wedged into a space only a couple of inches in width between the barriers. “I get down on my knees and start trying to wiggle this little nugget out but I can’t get my hands deep enough into the crack”.  But the kitten was still trying to burrow further into the space, so Kristyn stuffed her shoe in space to keep the kitten from pushing further in.

Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

And a woman on her hands and knees on the side of a highway is bound to attract attention. Pretty quickly, Officer Bennet was climbing across the concrete dividers to see what exactly Kristyn was doing. Once she saw the kitten, Bennet put out a call for assistance. Just minutes later, Officer Galbraith arrived on the scene to help, “all the while I’m holding the kitten’s butt so it doesn’t crawl further into the crack,” Kristyn said.

After ten minutes of Kristyn and the officers wiggling and working, the kitten was freed from the barriers!

Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

Kristyn reported, “Sometime while we had our heads down, strategizing and maneuvering, roadside assistance had joined the party, so we had all kinds of flashing lights and congratulations going on when we finally pull the little guy free of the barrier!!”

The first thing Officer Galbraith asked Krysten? Would she be keeping the kitten?

Though she had just adopted a cat the week prior, “I said of course! How could I not when I just spent 45mins rescuing her!”

In honor of her rescue story, Kristyn named the kitten Jersey.

Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

After her harrowing adventure on the highway, Jersey is now safe and forever home!

Feature Image: Kristyn Gamblain/Facebook

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Steak, As In Beefsteak Tomato, Is The “Chillest” Cat Even During A 1,500-Mile Road Trip

How do you keep a beefsteak tomato fresh for a 1500-mile-long haul?

When the tomato in question is a 16-lbs ginger cat, be sure he has a litter box, a seat at the picnic basket, and some amazing road trip views!

But why would a big ginger cat need to travel from California to Texas?

Because his forever home was waiting at the end of the journey.

Diane Barber/Facebook

Steak the Cat, the “Chillest” Tomato Around

Steak is a big ginger boy. He’s so red and round, he reminds one a beefsteak tomato! Hence, the unforgettable name Steak. And while he may look like a tough tom, he’s really just a big snugglepuss who loves to purr. In fact, Best Friends Los Angeles told potential adopters, “What do you get when you mix a tank with a teddy bear? You get a cuddly hunk of a cat named Steak!”

Diane Barber/Facebook

But to be such a good kitty, he’s had some bad luck.

Steak shared, “My story starts in California. The City of Angels actually, and that’s exactly what I found when I was picked up as a stray by the LA Department of Animal Services.”

Though he had a painful case of scabies, Steak was still the gentlest of cats, and “he greeted every stranger as if they were just friends he was waiting to meet,” according to Best Friends.

Steak soon entered the care of Best Friends Los Angeles and made friends with everyone, including Diane Barber, a former staff member who still volunteers. She labeled the orange tabby one of the “chillest” cats ever as Best Friends nursed him through stomach troubles brought on by stress and problems with itchy eyes. When Steak found a home, Best Friends thought he’d found his fairytale ending.

Steak, Courtesy of Best Friends 

But It Wasn’t to Be, So It Could Be

Sadly, this home wasn’t Steak’s dream come true and soon he was back with Best Friends. Diane saw the sweet tomato back again and didn’t hesitate to swoop him into her foster care. She quickly recognized his former problem with itchy eyes was again flaring. Turns out Steak “had entropion, a condition caused by the eyelids turning inward.”

After his surgery, the ginger tomato was back-in-action and capturing the hearts of followers on Facebook. Little did he know, his forever family had already found him thanks to those posts.

Steak, Courtesy of Best Friends 

Watching Steak on Diane’s Facebook, Doug from Houston, TX, fell smitten with Steak. Though the distance separated them, he knew the big ginger tomato was meant to be part of the family.

Diane seemed to know Doug and Steak were meant for each other, so when it came to closing the 1,500-mile gap between them, Diane and her wife planned a road trip to get Steak home. She worried about how he’d handle the long car ride, but turns out, Steak took it in stride, just like everything else in his life.

Diane Barber/Facebook

“He was amazing,” reported Diane. “We’d pick up stuff for a picnic and find a park for lunch. We put a harness on him and he sat on a blanket with us.”

The trio traveled about 5 hours a day and Steak usually hung out in his carrier, with the door open so he could watch the sights go by as he traveled toward forever.

Once Steak arrived in Doug’s arms, the ginger cat knew he found his family.

Steak, Courtesy of Best Friends 

Now, you can follow Steak the Cat on Instagram and catch this sweet tomato in action.

Feature Image Courtesy of  Best Friends & Diane Barber/Facebook

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Scaredy Cat, The First Scary Movie For Cats, Will Raise The Fur On Your Spine

Grab some popcorn and cuddle your kitty because it’s time to celebrate the spooky season with a scary movie billed as the first in the world for cats.

Temptations Cat Treats, the cat treat makers who know how to appeal to a kitty’s heart, proves they know how to scare a cat too!

This Halloween season, they’ve released Scaredy Cat for both human and feline viewing pleasures.

But be warned, this movie isn’t one of fiction. We’ve seen the true events that inspired this film…


Scaredy Cat Will Make You Gasp in Fright, then Giggle

The four-minute film opens with the words, “Some fears go so deep, they defy rational explanation.”

But just what does a cat fear so greatly?


This question might be hard to answer because we all know cats are pretty spooky. One wrong noise and your fraidy cat puffs into a ball of nerves! But in Scaredy Cat, an orange and white cat doesn’t seem too vexed by the strange occurrences going on around her one stormy night.

A creaking door doesn’t frighten the kitty, just piques her curiosity, and pulls her from cleaning her paws to go investigate.  As we follow the kitty through her home, the scares are plenty! Menacing shadows, falling picture frames, phantom rockers, and a creepy lady with a vendetta against tomatoes!


But none of these jumps scares frighten the kitty, so she travels on, chasing the ball of string that set her whole journey in motion. So just what is haunting this cute kitty?

Once she makes it to the kitchen and the refrigerator door opens, we see the ghoulish vegetable behind the hauntings.

And as the screeching kitty learns, the one terrifying cucumber is not alone!


These kitties look like they just watched Scaredy Cat themselves and can’t quite come to grip with the terror of cucumbers.

Cucumber Fears Mean Funny Cat Pics

Cupcake knows cucumbers aren’t really snakes, but they sure look like them. And that makes him nervous! Or maybe it’s his bony friend…


Baby Butters said Scaredy Cat was terrifying! But not as scary as real live cucumbers, they make a kitten all hissy and spitty…


Pip ain’t coming out until somebody promises the cucumbers are gone!


Did somebody say cucumber?


Cucumbers can’t find me in here!


Gather up the kitties and press play for some hauntingly good fun!

Feature Image: @temptationscats/Instagram

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11 Apps For Cats & Their Parents

Its not just humans who like their screen time. Some cats enjoy playtime on a device just as much as we do.

And as devoted minions, we want to give our cats the great life they deserve and this includes downloading the best apps for cats who want their digital playtime. We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the most helpful and fun cat apps on the market.

Most of these apps are free for download with the option of in-app purchases, but a couple of them have a minimal cost. The fun these apps offer seems well worth the cost though.

Put your thumbs to work and download these apps for cats!


11 Apps for Cats and Their Parents

Pet Health & First Aid Apps

Cat lovers strive to keep their kitty angels healthy and happy and these apps for cat health and safety will help do just that!


Keep track of your cat’s medical records, medication doses, and even their grooming schedule with this handy app for pet care. You’ll even receive notifications that remind you of appointments as well as when to buy more cat food! Plus, PetDesk works closely with veterinary teams so you can stay connected to your cat’s medical care team. The main goal of this app is to help your cat live their best and healthiest life.

Download Free for iOS or Android 

Animal Poison Control Center by ASPCA

Known for their curiosity, cats’ need to explore can sometimes lead them into trouble. With the APCC by ASPCA app, you can head some trouble off at the pass by knowing what foods, plants, and other household materials are toxic to cats, allowing you to keep them out of kitty’s reach. And if trouble does strike, this app puts you in contact with poison control experts.

Download Free for iOS or Android 

Pet First Aid

An app for cat safety that will help you administer care in the event of an emergency, the American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid app is a must-have for your devices. Learn what’s normal for cats when it comes to basic vital signs, and also know this first aid app can help you through many unexpected situations when it comes to your cat’s health.

Download Free for iOS or Android 

best apps for cats

Finding Lost Cats

Finding Rover

It’s a catastrophe when our furry loved ones go missing and we often don’t know what to do first. But, one of your first steps can Finding Rover. If your cat goes missing, Finding Rover can help you locate her thanks to facial recognition. Upload a photo to this free app for finding lost pets and if someone snaps a pic of your missing cat, you’ll receive the alert.

Download Free for iOS and Android 

apps for cats

Playtime Apps for Cats 

Feline enrichment is important to keep your cat feeling fit and fine at every age. Playtime that stimulates mind and body is the key to happy cats and these fun apps for cats will bring them joy. Get your kitty some cat game apps!

Paint for Cats

Available for iPad only, Paint for Cats allows your feline to let their artistic side run wild.  Your kitty will swat at a mouse running across the screen and paint will follow the movement. After a session, you can print and hang your cat’s artwork.

Download for iOS

Mouse for Cats

Mouse for Cats app will keep your cat’s mind and paws sharp as she slaps the mice darting across the screen. And when those brightly-colored rodents start squeaking, get ready for a kitty frenzy. With almost a dozen different skins for the digital mice, this cat game app will be a favorite for you and your techie feline.

Download for iOS or Android 

Cat Snaps

This app gives your cat the power of selfies! Get ready for the adorable stream of your cat in action as they pose and play for the camera. Cat Snaps works by enticing your cat to swat the screen, then the touch of their paw triggers the camera. And Voilà, you have cat selfies to go gaga over!

Download for iOS or Android

cat apps games

Interacting with Your Cat

Cat Sounds Dog Translator 

A cat app for iOS, Cat Sounds Dog Translator offers a clicker for training and an array of squeaky toy sounds to attract your cat’s attention. There’s also a human to cat translator tab for lots of silly fun with your cat. Don’t stress your feline out if he doesn’t like the sounds of other cats meowing in the translator portion of the app. Stick with the clickers and squeakies.

Download Free on iOS

Cat Training

A cat app for Android, Cat Training will help you teach your cat how to be on his best behavior. Offerings tips and advice on common cat training issues, you’ll have your kitty cruising in and out of the cat flap or enjoying grooming sessions in no time. This cat training app might also help you think more like a cat when it comes to making your house the most feline-friendly place on the block.

Download Free for Android

cat game app

Fun Cat Apps for You

My Talking Pet 

This app promises hours of good times for cat parents! Upload a photo of kitty and give them the power of speech! You can have your furry family member say whatever you want. Then, share their adorable message with the world.

Download Free on iOS or Android

Weather Kitty

Keep your weather reports fun with these adorable weather cats! Pictures change based on time and weather conditions and you can even add photos of your own cat to this fun feline-themed app.

Download Free for iOS or Android


Feature Image: @amazingcat87/Instagram

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