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Copycats and Role Models

Cats love copycats and role models of their own species. It’s not that we aren’t an influence on our cat. We are. But it is impractical for a cat to aspire to human things. Some require tasks which can only be done with a person’s body. Or our cat wants to say things in ways which can only be expressed …

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Cat Task Management

Cat task management is easier if we listen to the cats. So, I do. Our care routines say everything to our cat. As a token of our love, as a shared space we regularly meet, as a place for interaction and suggestion. I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s also inevitable. task management Our indoor cats must accomplish everything they need to …

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Rhiannon Invents a Game

A couple of weeks ago, I saw how Rhiannon invents a game. I’ve been enjoying it all this time. I am also getting to know her favorite little ways. I’m a happy student of what Rhia wants. Who knows better, than herself? invents a game Rhiannon asks for attention. We’ll take a chatty stroll around the place. Then I realize …

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