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Cats With Jobs: No Freeloading Felines Here!

Does your cat pull their weight around the house? Sure, there’s the purring and the snuggles, but cat food is expensive! Does kitty kick in on that? How about the litter and the toys? Probably not, because cats know they don’t need to work for our love.

That said, there are some cats who can’t stand to have idle paws, so they keep them hard at work. And the subreddit r/CatsWithJobs is celebrating these kitties who work hard to bring home the catnip. With 471,000 fans, it’s safe to say, people enjoy pictures of “kitties working hard or hardly working.”


You won’t find any freeloading felines here, but you will smile and laugh while enjoying these Purposeful Pusses!

Cats with Jobs 

“#1 Rated Uber Driver”


“‘Permission to board Cattain?’ ‘Denied.’ – Cattain MochaBean, probably.”


“Senior developer checking my code.”


“Yup – those are definitely termites that you got there. I’ll call my team over.”


“Bodyguard Cat” says don’t mess with my dog friend!


“Franklin has been fired from his previous job as a plumber and is now an eye doctor. I trust him, very scholarly.”


am police kitteh, must keep hoomans safe!”


“Della – Treat Negotiations Manager”


“Jak-Jak has decided his job is to pre-warm the saddle pads for the horses.”


I am expert antiques packer.”


When cats aren’t working, they’re keeping an eye on things at home. But look out, These 21 Curious Cats Are The Nosiest Neighbors Ever!

“Cat will perform assassination for coin.”


“The Caterinary Assistant”


“Official project loaf.”


Sticky note holder.”


Lawnmeowing service, reasonable rates.”


“Pole dancer.”


Purrfessional rapper.”


When it comes to Xbox repair, “the claws are perfect for the tiny screws.”


“Upgraded the factory navigation system to this…”


You know what else is funny? Cats caught standing on their hindlegs! These Cats Standing Up Will Make You Fall Down Laughing.

“Butters helped me find the tools I needed today.”


“Official bird-scarer.”


“Id like everyone to meet my new sound producer – he doesn’t do much except sit there, but 100% would recommend.”


“Piano Instructor, ‘Have you practicing your scales?’”


“Stairs barricade ‘no-one gets up or down without me knowing about it!’”


“Earning meow keep.”


“Professional Gamer”


“Bodega cat working hard keeping the produce safe!”


Are these cats with jobs cracking you up? Then, Check Out These 19 Shop Cats Looking Like They Own The Place for more laughs.

Feature Image:u/brindlewc/Redditu/jackuriah/Reddit

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Shocked Cat Belongs On “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant: Feline Edition”

Cats express their emotions differently than us, but sometimes, feline reactions line right up with human expressions. Just like the moment a cat realized she was pregnant during an ultrasound.

You may have seen the pictures of Ulla the tabby cat looking surprised to discover the news as she sees her unborn kittens on the ultrasound monitor. The caught-at-the-right-moment picture has been making its way through social media for a while now. But, thanks to internet magic, the story of the cat in the photo has been uncovered. And while Ulla is utterly adorable, her tale is one of sadness and joy.

Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook

Adopted Kitten, Stray Cat

When Ulla was a tiny, injured kitten, she found her chance at life thanks to animal shelter Dyrenes Venner in Nuuk, Greenland. Through them, she found what she thought to be her forever home. But a year later, she was back with Dyrenes Venner, which translates to “Friends of the Animals in Greenland.” When the shelter tried to contact Ulla’s family, the adopters were unreachable.

Dyrenes Venner board member Tone Frank told the Today Show, “The number we have on the owners who picked her up last year doesn’t work. We’ve posted her online and on Facebook; no one seemed to miss her.”

Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook

At some point within the year prior, Ulla had been separated from her family, putting her back on the streets as a stray cat. But rescue magic saved Ulla again. Soon, the happy tabby was loving and snuggling on all the animals in the shelter with her. Rescue life was serving her well! So well, about a month into her stay, Frank and other shelter workers noticed Ulla was getting “chubby.”

As an un-spayed female cat on the streets, it was quite possible little Ulla could be pregnant.

“So I took her to get scanned at the vet, which she wasn’t too happy about,” Frank said.

Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook


Indeed, Ulla was pregnant, expecting 4-5 kittens. And her amazement was more than evident in the funny picture. Frank felt pretty amazed by the moment, too, sharing, “I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.”

Sharing the moment on Reddit led Ulla to viral stardom and a forever home, with Frank reporting, “She has gotten a new home now, a place that has two dogs and one more cat, and they’re doing great.”

Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook

The sweet tabby cat would be giving birth in the safety and comfort of a home.

“The new family agreed to let her have her kittens and when they’re ready to leave, we will be finding new homes for them as well.”

Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook
Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook

But before they go, the kittens will be spayed and neutered along with their mom, a young cat barely out of kittenhood herself. Thanks to Dyrenes Venner, Ulla will never have to be shocked over surprise kittens ever again. Instead, she can enjoy the happiness of her forever home.

Feature Image: Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland/Facebook

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One RV + 40 Hours On The Road = 97 Kittens Saved

97 kittens in an RV sounds like paradise to a cat lover, but as Best Friends Animal Society reported, “It was a ride to save their lives.” For the kittens, the destination would be paradise—the paradise of a forever home.

The almost 100 rescued kittens will now have the chance to grow up happy and healthy thanks to the efforts of Best Friends Animals Society and their amazing volunteers.

Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

These dedicated cat lovers face the tidal wave of kittens hitting shelters every year when the weather gets warm. And this year is no different. Already, kitten season has started the flood of cats and kittens needing rescue in Texas. When Palm Valley Animal Society (PVAS) in Edinburg saw their hands full with furry babies, they put out a call for help on Facebook.

Saving Kitten Lives

Amy Kohlbecker, director of Cat World at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, saw the PVAS plea about so many kittens in need and hopped on helping. Amy contacted Carrie Lalonde, head of lifesaving operations for Best Friends in Texas, to see about transporting the kittens from Edinburg to Best Friends’ branches in Utah.

As it turned out, Carrie was already at work trying to arrange a transport of orphaned kittens from SPCA of Brazoria County, a shelter near Houston, TX. The shelter had been overwhelmed by dozens of kittens. Amy and Carrie knew they had a huge task ahead of them, facing the question of how to go about moving nearly 100 kittens who need 24/7 care.

Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

Amy joked about renting an RV, but the more they talked logistics, the RV made purrfect sense. Room for all the kittens and the space for the volunteers who would be tending them. As if meant to be, finding the RV and the volunteers proved an easy task.

Let’s Ride!

Peter Dayton and Chris Sotirake, two transport volunteers with oodles of experience in moving animals, were ready to go. Best Friends’ Megan Lee and volunteers Penny and Bob Burleson loaded up with Peter and Chris, ready for the feedings, cleanings, and all-around care young kittens require. The ride from TX to UT would bring a busy stretch of hours, but all the work would most certainly be worth it!

The RV rolled out from Houston with the first wave of kittens and volunteers aboard, heading for Edinburg. Once they picked up the kittens from PVAS, the load was 97 kittens heavy! The trip from Texas to the Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, took 40 hours to complete. Upon arrival in Kanab, the furry ones and their caretakers were greeted by 25 people ready to treat the road-worn babies to some good food and care. But the journey wasn’t quite done yet.

Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

While the kittens were in motion, Jackie Hernandez, foster coordinator for Best Friends, contacted their foster care volunteers in Kanab and Salt Lake City. The outcome? All 97 kittens are now in foster care, growing healthy and strong for their forever paradises to come!

Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

“Without foster homes and this lifesaving transport, the kittens’ chances of survival were not good,” said Carrie. “But by working together we were able to save these litters of baby kittens.”

72 Hours Made It Happen

Within 72 hours, the mission to move the kittens went from inspiration to success. Talk about impressive! But that’s just what animal rescuers and volunteers do; they make life-saving moves every day, ensuring cats in need get the love and safety they deserve.

Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

“Kitten season sounds cute, but it can be devastating to our shelters,” Amy explained. “Our volunteers know they’ll lose some sleep, but then, knowing you played a vital lifesaving role is so rewarding.”

And the work won’t stop until every cat finds a home!

Feature Image: Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

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Does Your Cat’s Butt Touch ALL The Surfaces In Your House?

Cats sit anywhere and everywhere they want. All cat lovers know this as solid truth, but if felines find perches on any chair, counter, or bed, does it mean their fuzzy butts are pressed firmly against those surfaces?

It’s a good question because just as we know how cats will sit anywhere, we also know cats like to flash their butts to those they trust. And, once they trust you, you wind up with that puckered view pretty often. So, with all that cat booty rocking everywhere, how much of that butt do they leave behind on surfaces?


Sixth-grade student Kaeden Henry of Perry, FL, wondered the same thing, so he developed a science project asking, “Does your cat’s butthole really touch all the surfaces in your home?”

His hypothesis? “If my cat sits on a surface, then their butthole will also touch said surface.”

Kerry Griffin/Facebook
Kerry Griffin/Facebook

A Butt-Load of Science

But just how did Kaeden set about measuring cat butt smears on surfaces?

To begin, it helps to know, both Kaeden’s cats, Taco and Maya, have been trained to commands since they were kittens. Kaeden’s mom, Kerry Griffin, has a Ph.D. in animal behavior with a concentration in feline behavior, so the kitties’ already-existing abilities to “sit, wait, lie down, and jump up” were quite handy for the experiment.

In a sidenote, Kerry shared, “They also know how to high-five, spin around, and speak.”

Kerry Griffin/Facebook
Kerry Griffin/Facebook

For the experiment, Kaeden applied red, nontoxic lipstick to the kitties’ “bum-bums,” and then the cats were directed to certain surfaces, both hard and soft, and covered with white paper for data collection.

But don’t worry! Kerry assured, “As a disclaimer, no cats were harmed in the process of this science project.”

After a quick 10-minute experiment, the lipstick was wiped away with a baby wipe, and both Taco and Maya “were compensated with lots of praise, pets, and their favorite treats.”

Kerry Griffin/Facebook
Kerry Griffin/Facebook

Cat Butt Conclusions

So, what did Kaeden learn?

  • “Long and medium-haired cats’ buttholes made NO contact with soft or hard surfaces at all.”
  • “Short-haired cats made NO contact on hard surfaces. But we did see evidence of a slight smear on the soft bedding surface.”
Kerry Griffin/Facebook

“Conclusion, if you have a short haired cat and they may be lying on a pile of laundry, an unmade bed, or other soft uneven surface, then their butthole MAY touch those surfaces!

Okay, there’s your answer. While cats sit anywhere and everywhere, their butts aren’t yucking up the whole house, just a here-and-there smear in the places we sit, the clothes we wear, and our beds. Now, if you’ll excuse this cat mom, I’m going to put a load of sheets and blankets in the washing machine!

Feature Image: Kerry Griffin/Facebook

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The Burden of Leadership

Some cats bear the burden of leadership lightly, or seem to. That was the invisible power of Reverend Jim. While James Bond and his protégé, Olwyn, were quite open about the Way Things Should Be Done. With our current five cats, some kind of leader was bound to emerge. We have Lou Costello. burden of leadership Lou not only learned …

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1000 Feral Cats Released To Exterminate Chicago’s Rat Problem

What do you do when your city is overrun by rats? There are the exterminator and poison options, but then you’d be putting the city and all its living inhabitants at risk of toxic exposure. As Tree House Humane Society of Chicago explains, “Common methods used to control rats, such as poison, gassing, and traps are ineffective short-term solutions.”

And in a large city, one the size of Chicago, rodents can find a continuous buffet as “garbage and dog feces represent a continuous food supply for rats.” But there’s a much more natural solution to rat extermination, one proven to work time and again for centuries, and it’s called the feral cat!


The original rat eliminators, feral cats are known to reduce the rodent population in an area thanks to the instincts of both the feline and the rat. While cats certainly hunt rats, their mere presence is a deterrent to rats. The smell of a cat tells a rat danger exists here, and away they go!

The Rattiest City

And this kind of help is just what the city of Chicago needed. With rats taking over the streets and homes, Chicago has earned the title of “rattiest city in America” by Orkin Exterminators for six years running. To help with the vermin excess of the city, Tree House Humane Society devised Cats at Work, a program that sees feral cats placed on willing properties to deal with the rat problems.

Tree House’s Sarah Liss explained, “We’ve had a lot of our clients tell us that before they had cats, they would step outside their house and rats would actually run across their feet.”

And with over 1,000 feral cats placed throughout Chicago, the rats are on the run!


But don’t think a furry horde of feral cats descended upon the Chicago streets in one fell swoop. The cats were released over a period of almost ten years with the Cats at Work program beginning in 2012.

How it Works

Interested parties first apply online. Once applicants are approved, “cats are placed two or three at a time into residential or commercial settings in order to provide environmentally friendly rodent control.”


“Property and business owners provide food, water, shelter, and wellness to the cats who work for them. In most cases, our Cats at Work become beloved members of the family or team and some even have their own Instagram pages.”

As feral cats, many of these felines aren’t meant for the indoor life, but the Cats at Work colonies “make sure they’re living their best lives.”

To learn more, visit Cats at Work online. You can also call or email the Tree House community cats team at 773-262-4000 x114 or


Feature Image: @treehousehumanesociety/Instagram

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The Quest for Heart Cat

The quest for Heart Cat is a form of True Love. And so, while we can search, we must also be found. This mutual celebration of each other comes from sheer chemistry. Figuring out how it works is far more art than science. quest for heart cat The picture of is our sweet princess Olwyn, her first night with us. …

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Online Calculator Tallies The Hours Of Sleep Lost To Your Cat

Cats wreck your sleep.

There’s absolutely no doubt about it either. Especially when you’re sipping your morning coffee, watching with bleary eyes as the cat who had to have you awake in the wee hours sleeps peacefully as the sun blazes brightly. The snoozy sight just makes you want to meow at them until they wake up!

Now, we can find out exactly how much sleep our cats have robbed us of thanks to The Lost Sleep Calculator for Pet Owners.

The calculator is brought to cat parents by, a window treatment business providing service to the United Kingdom for 50 years. Truly, you already know your cat wakes you up for their various bouquet of reasons, but won’t it be fun to find out exactly how much sleep you’re losing?

Before you enter your information, a warning, you’re still going to be stunned by how much of your sleep the cat has claimed!

Fifteen Years Means 8 Months Awake

Here’s an example, if you’ve had your cat for 15 years, the calculator tallies you’ve lost 5,838 hours, which is 243 days, and equal to 8 months lost sleep. You’ve also changed the litter pan almost 11,000 times! Yep, the calculator throws that fun tidbit of info in as well, proving the folks at understand lost sleep and cat poop are your life!

Poopy and tired you may be, but the cat lovers of know you love being a cat parent as much as us, even if you are groggy thanks to midnight thunder paws!

In addition to sleep and litter pan sacrifices, also provides these fun facts regarding the sleepy cat parent:

  • 1 in 4 pet parents are more likely to tell their cats and dogs good-bye than their significant other.
  • 1 in 8 people have eaten their pet’s dinner because they accidentally gave their cat or dog their food plate.
  • 1 in 3 fur parents have awakened to a dog or cat on their head.
  • Half of pet parents sleep with their fur baby in their bed.

What other goofy things have you done because your cat gifted you a sleepless night?

Lucy Askew, PR Manager for, explains, “It’s easy to forget just how much owning a pet can turn your life upside down, and this tool just shows that. We love our pets, and everything that comes with them, but it is slightly worrying to hear that people are accidentally eating pet food!”

Ready to know the truth? Put in your figures and find how sleepy you really are thanks to your cat!


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