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Meet the Turkish Van

Meet the Turkish Van, the famous “swimming cat” of Turkey. Their fur has a unique texture. Soft like cashmere, yet waterproof. While they have been seen swimming, perhaps to hunt fish, their individual attitudes might vary. The  Turkish Van has a lovely bicolor pattern of color on the head, and a fully colored tail. This is known as the Van …

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Rhiannon Steals My Heart

Rhiannon steals my heart. I have stolen hers. This was totally unexpected. But, of course, it is delightful. steals my heart I predicted Rhiannon would be social with both cats and people. But I can’t program specific chemistry. If anyone feels particularly drawn to each other, that’s something we can’t choose for. That’s more like magic. Now, I am enjoying …

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What Cats Expect

What cats expect has a lot to do with their behavior. When we adopted our latest cat, three month old Morgen Le Faye, we expected fairly smooth social merging. But it changed routines for the rest of our cats. They reacted by testing… everything. what cats expect When we change something, we and our cats don’t have enough CatSpeak to …

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