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Language of the Heart

Tristan speaks the language of the heart very well. This is a mutual construct, formed by a person and a cat. It can be highly personalized. This reflects the Game of Mutual Regard these two beings want to play. Another lovely thing about it is how it contains elements of both human, and feline, language. No matter who is speaking …

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Blurring the Feral Lines

Rescue has expanded, blurring the feral lines. After years of dedicated spaying and neutering of strays, some shelters now expand their reach into feral colony projects. This provides new outlets to help cats get homes. When kittens are fostered early enough, they get socialized in time to fit into the usual adoption time windows. blurring the feral lines “Feral” is …

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Unbreeds: the Cream-Filled Cat

The cream-filled cat is any color, but with a white underside. Often, there is white on the lower jaw and muzzle, known as “flower face.” White feet, or “socks,” are also common. The underside is where we usually find white in its most abundant, and indicative, quantity. cream-filled cat The more cream filling, the more likely this cat will be …

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The New Cat Onboarding Process

When we add a new cat, there’s always a Cat Onboarding Process. Because it’s similar to how new employees learn the procedures, culture, rules, and rituals that are important to their new job. cat onboarding process Do we have a cat onboarding process? We should. Whether it’s our first cat or we add a new member of Civilization, they always …

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Bud’s Call of the Wild

Bud Abbott’s “Call of the Wild” appears at certain times, even though he’s completely tame. But his lingering feral background is in contrast to his littermate, Lou Costello. These two have never been apart, literally since before birth. So I suspect it’s a genetic influence. call of the wild These two cats were nearly identical in appearance when we got …

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Maturity Expectations

Any cat adoption has maturity expectations. We want to enjoy them all the way into their senior years. The more deeply we get into Cat Appreciation, the more flexible we become about when this process can start. And how much we enjoy all the cat growth stages. maturity expectations With Looking for the Kitten Face, I explain how we can, …

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